The Marriage of Music, Art and Fashion: Freeway X Levi Celerio Launch!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Levi Celerio was such an inspiration when I was a kid. I always watched documentaries about this noble man who turned simple things like a leaf into works of art/music. His numerous compositions were genius! I couldn't find anyone who would make Filipino music the same way again. It was so good FREEWAY included him in the coveted people who are in the ranks of the ones they pay homage to. I got the chance to attend their launch a few days ago.

The mood was so great and I love how Freeway makes art and fashion combine. It has been pretty successful with national artists in the past and why not include one of the best historical icons in Philippine culture right? It was so nice to see people from the same industry and Levi Celerio's own kids were in the audience. This night was absolutely perfect!

I love the owner and fashionistas all over Metro Manila that came and represented that evening. It was something a guy like me would look forward to.

Seeing one of Freeway's very first model and prettiest faces was a bonus. G Toengi is back in the country for good. I hope some of you have seen her kids, they are adorable!

Asia's Queen of Songs Ms. Pilita Corrales was actually Levi Celerio's friend. She also talked about how wonderful it was to work with a genius like him. Imagine making a song virtually in minutes. Did you know he made around 4000+ songs in his lifetime?

Ms. Pilita also sang some of his greatest hits. I particularly love the instance where she invited some of the kids to participate while she was singing... it made perfect sense who would eventually LOVE Filipino music. They were such a sight to behold, imagine these kids appreciating Levi Celerio's work at an early age. The pieces that were also made to pay homage to the national artist was no joke either. They were all works of art!

The pieces were simple interpretations of Levi Celerio's songs. I love the ones with the stars and music sheets on them. There were even pendants that you can use to make music too! I love the CILINDRO! I love the jackets, trench coats and dresses. It was so nice to see his songs come to life! I'm sure when he's alive and saw these things paying homage to him, he'll be one proud man.

Levi Celerio's kids were so proud of their Father. Seeing how they react with the things done by Freeway to honor their Father was priceless. They were so proud of him. They've got their own lives now but they would never forget how much of an inspiration HE was while they were growing up. I couldn't imagine the amount of music that they probably have inside their homes. Not to mention the lyrics that were like poems in our ears!

Congratulations to FREEWAY! A lot of other brands may have tried to do this but they failed at one thing in particular, FREEWAY not only loved what they were doing... they knew right from the start that it involved the history and family of the artist to get a connection to the collection. That right there is the right way to pay homage to these people. It would be futile if you can't get your point across. This should be a lesson learned for those who would want to go through FREEWAY's path. I'm sure there will be more of our national artists to be honored by this great brand!

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