Calling Made Easy: KAMUSTA.PH from Bayantel

Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Philippines has one of the highest overseas workers in the world. I'm sure every single family these days have one or more relatives making a living outside the country. I'm one of them and I know how hard it is to even think about their welfare when they are faraway from their loved ones. When one gets sick, nobody takes care of them. The homesickness is truly immesureable. It is also physically and psychologically draining. I went through the phase of even seeing my own family cry everytime they tell stories through a single telephone call. We can't even talk that long because the rates these days are preposterous. The lack of communication does not help a bit. Bayantel knows this and they've got one good thing to tell us Filipinos. Have you heard of KAMUSTA.PH?

(Logo from Bayatel's website!)

A single application which you can download off the apple store can get you and your loved one abroad the chance to talk for free like having your own local phone at home. You can also make calls outside the network with competetive prices way cheaper than most promo rates available in the Philippines and other countries. Now, calling your loved one is made easier, better and truly thought out for the Filipino workers abroad. You'll have your own Bayan Number. It's like going to be a local call, you can talk longer... for free!

Clown in A Million winner Karen Dematera better known as KaladKaren says it all. "Ang Lakas Makayaman ng  KAMUSTA.PH". She felt really good seeing a lot of Filipinos will definitely benefit from this. 

I was able to talk to Mr. Neil Macalino head of Bayan International and he said that he knows Filipinos in the US and Japan will really need this application. Thousands of these OFW's have iphones but they have never even used an application that would concentrate on the communication between them and their relatives in the Philippines. KAMUSTA.PH wants to bridge that gap, stop the DRAMA that's been hounding us and the rest of the world. At this day and age it has to STOP. Let's all start using KAMUSTA.PH on our apple devices and see how this world can be a ton CLOSER! Watch out for the ANDROID release later this year too!

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I'm not use to say "kamusta". I always use "kumusta" hehehe.