Artista Academy: The Grand Auditions!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Yesterday was fun and exciting! Thousands upon thousands of people flocked to Smart Araneta Coliseum to bid for their chance to win a whopping 20 Million Pesos in which is dubbed as the grandest, biggest reality search competition in the Philippines called Artista Academy. I'm telling you, these people were seriously contending for the top spot. Since there will be only 2 people winning this competition, a LOT of heads will roll. Imagine just this afternoon alone around 12,000 individuals lined up and were screened by judges, it was so great to see those who you could really tell may have "the potential" and those who unfortunately don't.  

Every one lined up so early, I think even before lunch time there was a throng of people outside Araneta. They were not just there to push their luck on the prize, but hoping they will be a star on the Kapatid Network!

They did rigorous screen tests. They also had tight shots so if you are a guy planning to wear make up, make sure it's not going to look like you have em. It's totally not safe to use 2 shades of foundation that does not match your skin's color. Thousands of people will see you, even the color of your teeth so in layman's terms it was really brutal.

The number was 12,000+ and it wasn't going to be easy screening them one by one. They had to give fair chance to everyone but just take a look at how serious judging was at that time. See someone familiar?

That's Ms. Wilma Galvante and some directors/executives from TV5. If you pass her standards you definitely have star quality.

There were definitely a lot of hits, but there was also a ton of misses. Everybody who's hopeful of becoming the next big star in TV5 suited up and projected as much as they can. I have quite a few favorites during the screening. Out of this 12,000 people, only 16 of them will enter the academy... I'm sure a lot of tears will come out once the competition starts! Congratulations to TV5 for a very well organized audition.

One of the hosts of this show is Marvin Agustin, he will be alongside equally good looking Cesar Montano on this BIGGEST Artista search the country has ever seen! This is a first in the country's history!

Now for some of the gorgeous guys and gals that I saw that evening.

There were actually a lot more of these good looking people in Smart Araneta Coliseum that afternoon but you'll have to wait who actually gets in or not in the show. In my honest opinion, TV5 has definitely got a treasure in their hands. It'll be something definitely worth watching out for every week when the show starts. Make sure you like their Facebook Page and Follow them on Twitter because you don't wanna miss how these hopefuls make their way into the ranks becoming TV5's ultimate winner in the first ever Artista Academy! The 20 Million Pesos will definitely change someone's life. TV5 will surely be gaining ground as this program comes full swing probably next month. Do you have your own favorites now?

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ZaiZai said...

ang dami nag audition! good luck sa show :)

Nhil said...

So you work for the station or you auditioned? Sorry for the ignorance, this is my first time here.

12,000 is a huge number. Kudos to TV5 for this epic show.

John Bueno said...

@nhil Neither nhil, I don't work fr them nor did I audition. I won't qualify because of the age requirement LOL

@Zai dapat ikaw nag audition ka rin hehe