Solving Hunger The WFP Way!

Monday, June 11, 2012

You know what, I've been thinking about this all week. I watched something on TV a couple of days ago and this was a video of KC Concepcion but shown on GMA7. This I think is part of their UN WFP Programs in Mindanao. I couldn't believe how hard it is to live there until I saw people literally needing a couple of kilograms of rice to survive in that area. Malnutrition was seen everywhere, where kids are mostly affected. Those who live in conflict areas, or those who were just so poor they couldn't afford to buy food or fend for themselves.

Some were eating root crops, unripened bananas that they boil around an hour or more just to make sure its soft to eat/edible. Life is too hard and these people would not survive on the land alone, they cannot plant on land because they had to transfer every time there is security problems in the area. Even though they have places to buy rice and other things, they just don't have that amount of money to do so. It's one of the most expensive places to buy rice at 100+ a kilo. In Manila it usually costs half of that. Because of the scarcity, places like these charge that much. It was injustice personified. Even though I find it inexcusable, there shouldn't be a hunger in this day and age in the Philippines. I unfortunately felt it REALLY existed there.

This is a thing that can be easily solved through the programs of WFP. Please don't hesitate to check out this particular page and see how you can help.




el toro bumingo said...

Tuwing dumadaan ako sa Pasig Palengke usually mga 2AM, ang dami kong nakikitang binabagsag na mga gulay at prutas. Tipong kayang pakainin lahat ng taga-Pasig. Ang problema lang, hindi even ang distribution ng goods.

I really believe that Earth can feed all it's inhabitants. Need lang talaga mawala ang pagkagahaman at ipamahagi ang pagkain ng pantay-pantay :)

ZaiZai said...

ang sakit talaga isipin na may mga taong nagugutom, dahil hindi even ang distribution ng pagkain at funds from the goverment. kung kaya ko lang sana magluto ng madaming spaghetti at pakainin lahat ng tao :(