HALE: The Complete Hits Album

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I have seen this guy in the past when we got the chance to talk with SomeDayDream a few months ago. I haven't seen them perform as a group "live" though aside from the occasional appearances they had with MYX via public television. He was nice, he had that presence and I'm not surprised he's got a huge following because aside from good looks... Champ Lui Pio's got so much talent. That goes the same with everyone in his band called Hale. 

Although we're all so shocked about their decision to disband for all the wrong or right reasons, we still continue to reminisce and ask ourselves... why do I love Hale and their songs. We might not even know why or how we could get the band back but for the latter we can easily get our fix of their music! Polyeast Records just came out with the "Platinum Collection : HALE | The Complete Hits Album". If you are a fan of the band or their songs, you would never want to let this thing pass because aside from the CD this contains a DVD compilation of all the greatest hits you love from HALE. This is surely something that fans should never miss. The playlist also boasts of 17 songs which topped Philippine charts when the band was still together. The song choices alone were great, I wonder if they had a hand at this. You should definitely watch the DVD first before listening to the CD. I guess that's the part where you get nostalgic.

Honestly I see quite a ton of sadness in some of these songs. But there's actually truth in these things. These songs matter to guys in general. Girls dig the part where its supposed to be sung to them. You dream of how these emotions could possibly be expressed; they use lyrics and music. Hale just does it like clockwork. It's like poetry put into a song. It's deep that you get depressed in a good way (if there is such a thing). Heavy on most of the ones included in the album; but totally apt for the occasion. There's like a sense of sadness but you love how it just brings your sanity back to something that would totally communicate how you feel when it happens to you. A breakup, a situation, a thing of the past just comes crashing back to you after hearing them play their music.

Broken Sonnet, The Day You Said Goodnight are given favorites. What I love in this album though is quite a surprise... it's the single Magkaibang Mundo. Not only because the official music video stars one of my muse Angel Locsin but because the words touched me the most. It's kinda situational too and I won't tell you I had a similar experience. No I won't tell you really LOL. I guess this album's strong point is that everybody's got a situation they can relate to. That's exactly what the songwriter probably wanted to do in the first place. If you like the band, the song and their music, you should definitely have this album. You'll regret it if you don't.

Please drop by your favorite record stores nationwide and get it. With a CD and DVD it's a collectors item. Thanks to Polyeast Records for making sure we have enough inspiration with Hale's music until now. I just wish somehow, someday they still get to play together. I'm with you. 

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ZaiZai said...

I love Hale..they have really well written songs. Great opm at crush ko si Champ! :)

el toro bumingo said...

Yung first 2 songs lang ang familiar ako :(

JuliannaB said...

What a great article! Love your blog !Thanks a lot for sharing , it is really useful to me!