Thank You Jansport for this Super Sized Summer!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I've taken a long vacation and right after I got back from my Bohol and Cebu trip, this comes along!

It's the Jansport Super Sized Summer: Our Last Hurrah Before the School Year Starts! This was indeed a welcome message to me and my friends because we don't want the season to end YET! Rod Magaru and I even went and joined their competition at the Mall of Asia: By the Bay Grounds. We were both late so don't ask about how we fared... but we basically did the Inflatable Obstacle Course, the Coin Swimming thing, and lastly the Wall Climbing! OMG! It was one of the hardest things I've athletically done in a while LOL! But I think we survived it!

Being a backpack lover that I am, JANSPORT is pretty much a staple. This is a confession: I've got around 30 bags at home of different sizes and shapes. I've probably had 3 Jansport bags in my lifetime, not because I'm cheap... but because its so comfy and so durable! It lasted a couple of years and I even influenced some of my friends to get it. You'll surely never gonna look bad when you have this on your back right? Because of its stylish and colorful variety it has been an early fashion statement for highschool/college guys and girls. It became a must in our school to have one because its practical and doesn't sacrifice anything on the "looks" department. You'll be the envy of everyone too!

Students, professionals, anyone of any age, shape or form all went out this afternoon to enjoy what Jansport had prepared for us. It was nice to see faces light up when they finish the whole course. I didn't even know there were prizes up for grabs, then it hit me... Oh.... so that's why those people were dead serious when the game started! LOL

For what it's worth, I enjoyed having fun with my friends and new ones I met in the event. I got shots of those who won in the race. I was so excited to see Students won since there were professional athletes in the mix. Life is gonna be so good for them these coming months I'm sure coz they won some hefty amount of change!

Congratulations to these two guys! They won 50,000 pesos in cold cash! Perfect to end the day with that!

We're so FLY like that!

I can't wait for what Jansport would have next year. This event has really been so successful! Congratulations to the winners and everybody else like me who had so much fun before school starts! Thank you so much to Jansport and Primer Group of Companies who made this event a resounding success!

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el toro bumingo said...

Grabe! Ang laking bag! Super-size :)

ZaiZai said...

sana sumali ka sa race, sayang ang 50k! ang cute nung big bags!:)

Ruth Floresca said...

Ack, hindi ko kinaya yung laki ng picture namin! :p