Kroketten: Yummy Affordable Treats Pinoys Would Absolutely Love!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Here's another thing to indulge on if you pass by the Mall of Asia grounds South Wing. This is Kroketten a unique snack you can munch on while going around the mall or watching events at the MOA Arena or even take home. (which doesn't come with a cute Dutch girl carrying these awesome potato balls!)

Seeing people line up on the stall that afternoon was a welcome sight. This is apparently their 13th stall and is still in its "infancy" but hearing the rave reviews from people who have experienced it this will surely hit Manila by storm. Imagine soft, delicate potato mash balled/rolled up and breaded, then fried over healthy corn oil, oozing with a variety of fillings you'll surely love. Although I am quite familiar with the French croquettes which are common sightings in parties, this new rendition of an old favorite is a welcome treat!

They also explained to us the snack's Filipino twist and how this came about because these things probably would only come in a few flavors if they followed the Dutch standard. They had to make sure and study the Filipino palate, adapt to it and create a totally different line of flavors which we would appreciate. When this snack was being brought back from Ms. Maribel Bosch's trips from the Netherlands. She always brought boxes of these and sent them as pasalubongs whenever she can. Being a Mom and and entrepreneur wasn't easy. She felt people would really appreciate things like these so when she got the chance to put up something in her kid's school, she went ahead and got this sold. The acceptance was so overwhelming that she knew she had to make this a business. I was really worried about the "very cheap" price point but she insists it should be this way because she wanted it to become affordable. I couldn't agree more. The scrumptious creations came in Original Kroket, Kroketballen and Miniballen versions. I love the Kroketballen because of its perfect size and variety it came on. 

Aside from the Cheese, Chicken and Beef Fillings, you should also try the variety of sauces that they have for the Krokette. I specifically love the spicy paprika based sauce so make sure you try that out. They don't even think of holding back in ingredients so it was so nice to catch these concoctions on its rawest form. There are also not so sweet fresh fruit juice mixes that I so envy them about. The one with the Vers en Snel label on it was so nice I had seconds. It tasted mighty good and comes in Mango-Guyabano and Strawberry-Passion Fruit flavors. 

It was so awesome to see the owner that evening too. She was so warm and inviting. She made sure to have come up to each and everyone of us to cater to our questions. You really feel her passion for food and why she's so enthusiastic about getting this to the market. Best of all she's sharing this out. Her franchise fees only costs 50,000 pesos, with and 195,000 peso +VAT investment you can start your own branch anywhere in the Philippines. Although the product remarkable gets a quick ROI they still pegged it at a very low rate. I wouldn't be surprised if I get one of these for my own soon.

For those who want an affordable thing to invest on, you can be a part of the growing Krokketen franchisees so just contact 6343717, 6340686, or 5027665. Mobile number 09175025006 or simply email or visit their website or This might be the best thing to do now that you are earning!

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el toro bumingo said...

Talagang todo-costume pa yung staff ah! Galing mag-market ng product :)

Pa Ul said...

I enjoyed reading your post.  A few days ago we had snack at Shakeys too.