She's Back! : The Best of Kylie Minogue!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hey guys, I'm sure you got the busiest schedules and life's pretty hectic. Enough of that because one of the most beautiful woman I've ever known just released a new album. It's time to talk about that! I think it's kinda early for this but the thought of having an album with The Best of Kylie Minogue as title is just what any particular fan would love. For those who haven't even seen it, you are missing half your life and probably half of the playlist that you should have in your gadgets. You probably think this is going to be the most biased album review because obviously I love her. But I will try my best to stay neutral would that be okay?  For starters, the song choice is like a full tour on Kylie Minogue's career. From chart toppers to dance hits, from memorable pieces to the changes she has been in the past few decades, they've compiled that all into one album. This is definitely a collectors item. First on the list is "Can't Get You Out of My Head" which is stellar, cosmic and undoubtedly one of the more futurustic tracks of Kylie when she came back with a vengeance in the 90's. It has been used in so many shows on TV people already know the beat by heart. I even love "Spinning Around" and "Get Outta My Way" track where her alter ego Disco Kylie probably came out, it would have been fun if they included "You Did It Again" since that would show the identities she had at that time. That's why I regret to have not been able to experience her in the Aphrodite concert a couple of months ago, that would have sent me into tears for sure! Her phenomenal hits "I should be so Lucky" and "The Locomotion" has transcended time and got included on this album too; because that's one of her more notable hits in the 80's so you've gotta have that.

Her most recent album with hit single "All the Lovers" which in my dictionary is by far is one of the sexiest videos ever shown on MTV is something that you should watch... it'll set you on fire because after that you'll really feel too hot! Here's a rundown on the tracks for this "The Best of Kylie Minogue" Album:

1 Can't Get You Out of My Head – 3:492 Spinning Around – 3:263 I Should Be So Lucky – 3:244 Love at First Sight – 3:575 In Your Eyes – 3:186 Kids (with Robbie Williams) – 4:187 Better the Devil You Know – 3:548 All the Lovers – 3:199 Give Me Just a Little More Time – 3:0710 Celebration – 3:5511 Slow – 3:1312 Red Blooded Woman – 4:2113 I Believe in You – 3:1914 On a Night Like This – 3:3115 Confide in Me – 4:2616 Get Outta My Way – 3:3917 The Loco-Motion – 3:1218 Tears on My Pillow – 2:3319 Wow – 3:1220 In My Arms – 3:3221 Never Too Late – 3:27

21 tracks of pure electronic music, a mix of inspirations from French, UK or Australian clubs. It's the ultimate album of choice for lovers like me. So make sure that if you drop by your local record bars, get one of these essentials and make her music pound on your ears til the wee hours of the morning like I do!

The Best of Kylie Minogue is released in the Philippines by the good people at Polyeast Records!

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el toro bumingo said...

What's her most famous song? I've been reading her name all over the blogs I'm visiting but I still don't know the girl :(