Daphne Home Scents Collection for Bench

Monday, June 18, 2012

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Daphne Home Scents Collection for Bench

It's so sad that I wasn't able to go to the launch of Daphne Home Scents for Bench. If you follow me on Twitter (if you don't I'll hurt you! LOL) and if you know my online habits, you know that I always read Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez' blog. I've been doing that since Livejournal days. I've been a fan of hers and her site whilst silently reading from the sidelines. From F, to her family, her style, Urban Zone, her work, her thoughts... I feel I was reading off a long lost sister. I even won on one of her contests and I felt really good when I just had that connection, even for that bit. I love how she always say the nicest things about her kids and her husband. I seldom catch myself dreaming of a family like hers, not perfect; but divine. It's like all you can ask for, so blessed!

There were two instances that I almost had the chance to meet her. One was on the event in world trade center, but I had a Boracay trip that weekend so it didn't happen. Then on this one, but I had to go to Bohol and Cebu, really not my fault because I planned this a few months ago. I really wish to meet her some day hohumm... That would be something I'd love to happen soon.

With all the great things I've seen in her career, life, site, her furniture line and now this, I always knew it was bound to happen! I'm no fortune teller, but I won't forget the time I said she'll be a mogul and get all these facets and her dreams come true. Being a fab lifestyle brand, Bench was a perfect match to launch her line. Her Daphne Home Scents was not just a simple collaboration, but an ingenious marriage of direction. It's like she's personally sharing what she loves; like her letting you in to her home. Check out the highlights of the launch on this video!   

I just purchased the three bottles today and so far I'm loving it! I'm leaving the Home Made Lemon Tart and Acres of Lavender at home and use the Mint Jasmine Infusion for the office (which I'm thinking of doing later). These three scents are in pretty bottle diffusers meant to be rightfully placed in prominent parts of your home. I got the Home Made Lemon Tart placed in between the dining and kitchen area so you get that perky sweet-tangy smell everyone loves in the morning. The Acres of Lavender will stay in my room so I get to relax with notes of lavender while I rest or read books. The Mint Jasmine Infusion on the other hand will serve me good while doing lots of paperwork in the office whilst I watch my friends probably do the same too (I am an effective endorser haha). It's also very affordable pegged at 348.00 a bottle as its introductory price, unlike some diffusers from other brands that cost an arm and a leg without achieving that homey-dreamy feel that this line definitely has!

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On that note, I'd like you guys to know that Ms. Daphne's line of Home Scents is now available at all DIMENSIONE branches and Bench stores nationwide! Please consider this as a gift suggestion to someone you love, family or friend. I would have loved to receive this as a gift but I can't help contain my excitement and just bought it off the shelves while shopping for Rajo Laurel Jeans in the Bench Store in Trinoma. I heard some of its getting sold out so if I were you, I'd be smart! DIMENSIONE also has those cute and adorable Daphne Chairs that can liven up any room, which you should definitely get if you plan to spruce up a room or two. I'll tell you how it'll fare (the scents) at home and in the office. I'll tell you when I get to meet Ms. Daphne (soon I hope) too!

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/*Photo and video credits to Bench and Ms. Daphne Osena - Paez



DaphneOP said...

THANK YOU!!!! I'm so so touched by your kind words.

I hope to meet you someday. Take care!

KUMAGCOW said...

My pleasure Ms Daphne! *smiling from ear to ear* ^_^

ZaiZai said...

omg! kayo na close kumagcow! :)

Idol ko si Ms Daphne, she has real class, taste and talent. I love reading her blog.

el toro bumingo said...

Grabe, ang payat na ni Raymond :)