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Sunday, June 03, 2012

How do I tell you about something that's not supposed to be said; because it's something that you have to experience!? I don't know!

After the successful launch of IMPALPABLE by Michael Cinco for BENCH we were escorted to the other venue for a one of a kind show for the incomparable Rajo Laurel. This happened on the last day of Philippine Fashion Week; and it was totally different from the normal run of the mill fashion show we're accustomed to. It was nothing but surprising! I can't expect anything less from the one and only Rajo Laurel!

We were all eagerly waiting for the models to come out of the doors in front of the runway but instead we got caught off guard with this scene.

It was like a fight scene! I guess its like contradicting styles, like URBAN vs STREET-PUNK!

Then somehow, somewhere in between there was like a love story. But I guess that was just me interpreting it. Pretty cool starting off with a different format.

Opening up after this fight were two sides...

Two things... Rajo Uno and Rajo Dos. Now what does this mean? We just had to find out!

Sam Concepcion and Enchong Dee suddenly bursts into a dance number. Enchong evidently has been working out. I've never seen him so buff like this. His arms and body obviously grew bigger. They didn't disappoint in the dance part because they really gave it all. 

To prove this point, Enchong even did this!

Isn't that amazing?! :) I'm sure the Erichers would love it hehe!

Then they battled it out on the dance floor together with some good looking Kapuso stars too. What impresses me the most is that BENCH can get the best ones from any station. I love them!

Then this awesome group of FIERCE dancers from GFORCE I think just rattled everyone. If there was perfection in a dance routine, theirs would have eliminated the competition.

If that ain't convincing enough, get a load of this!

They were just unbelievable!

Then suddenly another group came in and crashed the party. It's the good looking Enzo Pineda!

Not to be outdone, my buddy "best actor" Rocco Nacino and good friend Enchong Dee came in and made HATAW the word for that evening. Imagine two of the most bankable actors in different stations are in one dance number! Only Rajo Laurel and BENCH can break barriers!

Then the models came in! It's about time!

It was like Good VS Evil, well not really but you get my point haha!

They were gorgeous!

Some of the men came in and I said "Oh well, I think I just got demotivated again to go to the gym!" Haha!
These guys were almost perfect!

Then they came in pairs, I saw plaid, faux leather and faux fur. Rajo Laurel isn't afraid of texture and colors obviously. These pieces can also be mixed and matched with your current wardrobe!

I guess the clothes make them irresistible right?! :)

RAJO UNO and RAJO DOS is designed to have a unique scent that can be applied to both men and women. So whether you are a geek or a cool guy, you can choose either and it'll still smell good on you!

Ask DJ Callum David or VJ Joey Mead and these guys over here and they will tell you the same thing. If you are simple, classic or rock you only have RAJO UNO and RAJO DOS to think of the next time you get perfume out of the BENCH Counter!


The best cheerdance squad from the UAAP versus the VERY technical cheer squad from CCP which has in their own right also won a couple of world challenges is now in the Rajo Laurel launch. It was nothing that the crowd expected... everyone was at the edge of their seats!

Cheerdance and Cheering are totally different sports, they have their own tricks up their sleeves!

 I love how UP did their routine, it was perfect for the dance music being played at that time!

Of course the CCP Bobcats Cheerleading team didn't disappoint on the technical stunts which they are known for, no wonder they have been winning cheer competitions! This is totally unexpected on a BENCH Fashion Show!

Rajo Laurel Leading the Band!

It was high time that the designer went out and introduce himself but wait... what's this?!

It was Rajo himself leading the band! Oooh and it's becoming so festive!

Then he goes ahead and invites everyone to stand up. Do a specific move for Rajo Uno and Rajo Dos. He's even got his own song being chanted by the whole gallery!

Rajo Uno, Rajo Dos, Rajo Uno, Rajo Dos.... then the whole crowd went in to party!

Everybody was shouting the same lyrics, the stars, the models, the ANTM celebrities were all in the stage enjoining the audience to do the same deed! The SHOW just became a HUGE PARTY! Now this is what RAJO LAUREL wanted to do all along! He's launching his new brand under BENCH... plus it was actually Rajo Laurel's birthday! Now isn't this just the best thing to do on your birthday?!

Congratulations to everyone who made this possible! Thank you to Sir Ben Chan and the people from Bench and SUYEN Corp that got me to cover this event for you! I hope you feel like you are in the front row while seeing these photos... see you on the next BENCH coverage!

Congratulations and Happy Birthday Rajo!

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ZaiZai said...

what a launch! ang daming celebrities, dance numbers, etc. at andun pa ang buddy mo na hubby ko na si rocco! :))

el toro bumingo said...

iba talaga mag-advertise ang Bench -- all star cast! Lufet :)