ADIDAS Laced Up Tour 2012 Event!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Of course I had to wear my Adidas!

Armed with my Star Wars edition Adidas I went to Time in Makati Avenue last week to get a feel of what's up with the urban scene once more. I gladly went in and saw a different crowd, which this time was almost all full blooded dancers. I wanted to join but I had to see this first, this is the Adidas Laced Up Event!

Awesome moves, bboy just came alive inside Time. The laced up event is a battle of 15 best dancers in the metro and sure enough we were treated to see some great men and women that just exude how it feels to wear Adidas. It first started with 5 competitors. Each round having to choose one person, then on the last one there will be three finalists.

TIME in Makati Avenue was quite nice. The guys probably had great after performing stunts one after another because this cozy venue was rocking with the best hits by world class DJ's that Adidas got for all of us who adore the lifestyle this brand brings.

Everyone brought their shoes along. There were different designs, colors and combinations that I haven't seen yet so it was a treat to see them there too.

And the ladies even got busier as the night progresses. They didn't really show care if the other competitors were guys. They are giving them a run for their money and title.

Hosts were awesome. They knew what we were up to. There were different artists doing different things. Hip hop, street, popping, crumping, I had my share of educating too because some of these guys were doing things that I haven't seen before being done by Filipino peeps. Although they came from the US, Japan or anywhere else in the world they were doing their routines this time as Filipinos and they are damn good at it. After they were divided to three groups of five and they chose 1 rep on each group, the three finalists were out and they definitely made remarkable achievements just by winning their group. Some of them were really good just in that phase.

And it wasn't easy because I saw some competitors were from Philippine All Stars. No joke!

Who won?

The finalists had only a few minutes rest but they gave out their all. It resulted to another round of dance because they couldn't decide who should win. Then after all the drama...

This guy got third place =)

This guy got second =)

This guy worked his butt off and yes he WON Adidas Laced Up! =)

Now that's what you get when you are "Laced Up!"... so now it's your turn to check out Adidas and Adidas Originals stores and do the same.

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ZaiZai said...

That looked like a lot of fun! Dapat nag break dance ka din Kumagcow :) Love their Adidas looks btw :)