Most Favorite TV Station for 2012!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Choosing a particular channel would be dangerous in this day and age but I'll go ahead and choose for fairness sake. Not that I've been biased with any channel for that matter but yes there are more news on my site from ABS CBN. Maybe in the course, they have been sternly inviting me to their conferences more. Not to mention the celebrities who have been so kind to me too. Erich, Enchong, Jason and ♥ Melai. ☺

It was not just celebrities but the programs that they have lined up that made them first on my list. I spend a few hours watching teleseryes and news on this channel more than the others. Once you do, you just get hooked because the programs are properly researched and well executed. My vote goes to ABS CBN.

TV5 comes in a close second. They have proven their worth with the quality of programs coming out from their channel in the last few months. I specifically love Artista Academy and Amazing Race. The whole time I covered for Artista Academy the contestants, judges and crew were so kind to me as well. I love how it came out on TV and said it was worth to watch these local shows now even on TV5 which I normally skip on the remote at home before Manny Pangilinan revamped it.

GMA7 ranked third for me. Although I specifically LOVE the shows of gorgeous artists like Rocco Nacino, Kris Bernal, Enzo Pineda and the likes of Lovi Poe, Solenn Heussaff etc. there were some misses in other shows like Party Pilipinas. I covered the show and introduced myself properly. They did not like photos taken for a show that they were supposedly also promoting, so I don't get that part. The hassle this show has made has gotten me hate the channel a bit; but with changes that they have made in the last few weeks I've seen some bloggers now getting properly coordinated. I still don't like Party Pilipinas though. Sorry but that's how I feel til now. It's not the show, it's the one handling it that I'm so not happy about.

Thanks to, and for putting this project up. For more details about the voting process and how a blogger can do this go to this article here and vote for your Favorite TV Station too.



Call Me Xander said...

Will post mine later... di ko na atats ang pic kainis.. haha nasa office #BloggingWhile@Work

glentot said...

I used to be kapuso pero now kapamilya na. Nainis na ako ss mga teleserye ng gma eh.

John Bueno said...

Sige xander, I heard they have sponsors and you can win stuff so make sure

Glennglenn buti naman dika nag skip read hehe

Steph Degamo said...

Im a solid fan of Channel 2. ABS-CBN for the win :))

Anonymous said...

Before I was a kapuso kasi nandun ang mga anime na magaganda, pero mas mahaba pa ang commercials kesa sa palabas kaya lumipat ako sa kapamilya. Magaganda ang mga palabas ng Abs-Cbn.

Archieviner said...

Kapamilya ako for this year dahil sa TFC :)

ZaiZai said...

ABSCBN for the win! :)

el toro bumingo said...

The shows on ABS-CBN are indeed awesome but their TV reception/signal is poor unlike GMA 7. So a lot of people ends up watching GMA 7 shows :(