Healthy Lifestyle Starts with Splenda!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

If you have been frequenting coffee shops these days, you probably know that there are low sugar options available right? Don't tell me you haven't asked!? Well, here's the thing... they've got Splenda available now and you can actually have it blended with your frappes and hot coffees. At least in one coffee shop I went to did that. I'm not a regular there mind you but just tell them what want to happen with your coffee and poof they make it a whole lot better for you.

It's small things like these that matter. In some way, it's like living a healthy life. It starts from healthy choices and seeing your food intake or the sweets you use for your coffee. It might be a small thing to some but just think about the days you'll live longer when you manage your sugar levels. It's the same concept when you stop smoking. Doctors have researched you get to keep 5 minutes of your life for each stick. So make sure you take time and have the smartness to choose things you take wisely. Imagine how long you could keep your life and spend most of it having fun with friends and family.  

Make it a habit to use Splenda. It's got zero calories and takes just a small amount to sweeten your cup. It's something we've had since then, I don't know what would stop us now. Good thing it's available at most big groceries and stores nationwide. Life can really be sweeter... with Splenda!

For more ideas how to prepare food with Splenda

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ZaiZai said...

May tira pang spaghetti? :)

Belated Merry Christmas Kumagcow - Advance Happy New Year! :)

John Bueno said...

Meron pa Zai I'm making it into something like a pizza! Just add egg and lotsa cheese! ^_^