O+ x Bench Android Phone Launch

Sunday, December 09, 2012

A few days ago, I was giddy to see people flock to the new activity center in Glorietta. They opened up the Glorietta 2 and I must say it definitely spells Ayala with it's design aesthetics. Aside from that, it felt so special that O+ is launching a new phone via a fashion show and styling contest together with global brand BENCH.

Fashion + Technology for me is second nature. After so many years of covering events, this is one of the nicest presentations I've ever seen. I haven't seen an O+ phone yet to tell you honestly, same reason I was so excited to get hold of one. I'm so happy too that a fashion show will also happen that afternoon. I love the runway as much as I love gadgets too.

Blogger friend Flow Galindez went up on stage and tried out the new O+ 8.9 Android Phone. It's got great size, compact and reminiscent of the that Korean branded phone (which are not sponsors LOL) but too far from its price. This one is very affordable and easily upgradable to Jelly Bean if you prefer. There's one special thing though that this phone does unlike the others... it's the Air Shuffle!

A simple wave in front of the new O+ 8.9 Android Phone can easily flip through photos, change songs that are playing or even take photos without touching the actual screen of the phone. They got these phones out and tested by people on the front row.

Paul of PaulThePRGuy.com tested it out himself and I bet he was quite impressed with it. Just look at them having fun on this bit!

Then the esteemed judges of the styling competition came in. Yeap! That's endorser Joseph Marco on the far most right.

Then they got all the models out on the first salvo!

Then the stylists had their collections shown to the public.

I guess on this one Edlene Cabral had her inspiration from the French Army. I love the coat and the parachute trail on the last model. It was quite nice to open the show.

His styling was a little bit all over the place. Almost eclectic. But I like what he did to the guys which had that crossover between preppy yuppie - college jock look.

Adrianne Concepcion had an all red collection. I loved every bit of it. I love the shorts and plaid shirts. I love the red and white combinations. I bet this was more of the obvious representations of the O+ theme they were gunning for.

Myrrh concentrated on black numbers with slight accents of reds in accessories and fitting clothes. He had silhouettes using different materials. From faux leather to cloths and sheer fabric, he combines this almost full black ensemble into his styled collection. It was really nice and I never thought you can get this almost all inside the Bench store.

Kate stayed simple and fresh. Combining just the basics and presenting them in a manner that looks expensive and not cheap. She didn't try so hard. That's one thing I loved about her styling.

I've known Sydney Yap's work since I'm in the Eastwood area quite often. The shows here usually had his work so I am quite familiar with it. This time, I was so impressed by how much he used the same material and got it worked out on the models like its a totally different garment. Do you see the upside down shirt? That's my favorite among all the other ones shown on the runway. I find the bra on top a little weird though but will this ingenious gamble win it for him?

On the other hand, there was also a raffle that happened and guess who won one of the O+ 8.9 Android Phones? 

It immediately put a smile on my face. =) I'm a proud owner of an 8.9O + Android handset :) It's got a 5 inch capacitive multi touch screen,  Air Shuffle FM radio, Music, Photos, Camera, Android 4.04 ICS that can be upgradeable to 4.1 Jelly Bean Android OS plus a Dual Core 1GHz processor and a 5 Megapixel autofocus rear camera with LED flash, a Front camera. This phone was being sold at a retail price of 8,995 Philippine Pesos! Isn't that neat?

Then they called the models in for the announcement of winners

And we had a little glimpse again of the O+ x Bench 8.9 Android Phone. Now I have to do the same with the phone I luckily got on the eve of my birthday!

Then they announced the winners!

Congratulations Sydney Yap for winning the O+ x Bench Styling Competition! You definitely presented an edgy and fierce collection, your styling was indeed impeccable! Again, congratulations!

Congratulations also to O+ for the successful launch of your new handset the O+ 8.9 Android Phone. A simple gesture via the Air Shuffle looks mighty good on our dictionary. The Filipino market will surely enjoy this Android phone its going to bring much of a challenge to the other brands that saturate this industry. Now that O+ has come out and challenged these other handsets, there's a choice to be made and it need not to be expensive. I'm so glad I have one now, I'll do the Air Shuffle gestures later... it's just AMAZING!

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