MOSSIMO is California Cool!

Monday, December 03, 2012

With it's roots from the East coast, Mossimo has transcended and finds itself combine with things associated with the US West Coast too - dubbed as one of the greatest American apparel companies. The marriage just spelled oozing sexiness and freedom to choose among Mossimo's different aesthetics and interpretations as compared with brands that are fashion forward in the local and international scene. After all, they are a brand that caters to cutting edge fashion and innovation. Have you visited their store today? If not you are missing a lot!

MOSSIMO is California Cool! - Easy and light materials using bright earthy colors is one standard that Mossimo is trying to follow today. The brand effortlessly is becoming hip, young and urban. They are also setting up a new store format with the "California cool" feel that personifies a street-beach lifestyle culture which those two coasts of the US actually imposes. The Mossimo branch in Trinoma Mall, Quezon City is already implementing this look since November 1 and the place just looks brighter and better. A representation of young and fresh store would end up accommodating a wider and younger age demographic.Ms. Magnolia David of Mossimo Philippines is so proud they were able to come up with this concept; and pretty soon other stores will follow suit.

Men and women need not to spend a lot of money just for urban fashion and they are gearing to make this a better deal by bringing choices to their 66 branches across Metro Manila. They will also be opening up more branches soon outside of the metro.

Having some natural elements such as wood and cold ones like metal, the store would ultimately make a better and brighter shopping experience. The clothes also exude this feeling of nostalgia, arts and craftsmanship so you know you are getting your money's worth. The clothes are impeccably made to be cool, colorful and stylish. I should know, I have several shirts, pants and accessories already part of my wardrobe and all are from Mossimo of course! With hand painted logos and a play on various industrial pieces it also gives the store a very calm and collected feel.

Soon these 80 to 150 sq m stores filled with apparel from young men and women will make a mark in the lovely paradise called the Philippines.Mossimo will dominate the urban fashion scene soon in Manila; then the nearby provinces. Mossimo is indeed California Cool and it will continue to be on this path from hereon. The brand will continue to evolve in the coming years and all you gotta do is sit back, relax and make your wardrobe better than the usual with Mossimo clothing. They've got specials this Christmas season you should definitely take advantage of. I saw some shirts and other garments on sale when I passed by this branch last week and I'm sure they still have it running. You should definitely drop by and get it!

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