Juice Up with DOLE: It's Made Of Sunshine!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

When you are lounging around at home and doing nothing, you need something to perk you up to get back in that energetic mood you've always wanted. A cold drink of my favorite juice brand might be the answer but wait up! It looks like they've got new flavors for me to enjoy!

They now have DOLE Juice Up Rejuvenate! I was just so surprised seeing this new flavor with Guarana and Ginseng. It's like they are making each can Super Nutritious! Imagine the secrets of Chinese/Korean medicine all mixed in with natural fiber, vitamins and minerals in each glass of pineapple juice we LOVE! Now as if that wasn't enough, there's another one in store for those who want to stay beautiful! Here's another variant!

This is Dole Juice Up Inner Beauty with Pycnogenol. It's the only Pineapple Lychee juice drink that can make your skin glow even better. This is perfect for ladies, but who says we Men can't have it too? I'll be the master of my destiny and it's time to make my skin better and even healthier! I've been drinking this one since last week and you know what? I'm already feeling it change something from within. I love Dole before, I'm even loving it more NOW!

Make it extra healthy by grabbing these cups of awesome tropical fruits also from DOLE! With only 80 calories per serving, you can make sure you'll have a better day in no time. No bloated feeling, no extra pounds plus its a good source of Vitamin A and C! It's also ALL NATURAL because you only get the best from DOLE!

Oooh and before I forget, they also have my favorite! Now I don't even have to open a whole can anymore because they've got Diced Peaches in light syrup! This one packs a lot of Vitamin C and has only about 80 calories so its perfect for those watching their weight like me =) Oh yes I do hahahaah!

I'm loving DOLE and every bit of it. It's got Pineapple goodness without too much acidity that can get your stomach upset. It's got the right sweetness and got the best flavors available. Now who say's we can't enjoy juice? We definitely can with DOLE because its made of sunshine!

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