Thank You! - How Did You Celebrate Christmas?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

How did you spend your Christmas? =)

Well I spent it mostly at work. I know, most of you probably think I'm crazy. Don't worry about me I didn't get depressed or anything. I've been in the business for 10 years and I think I got over that a long time ago.

I'd like to take this bit first to thank everyone who greeted me on my birthday. You guys know who you are. And for those who didn't get to do that, well screw... I mean bless you hahaha!

Christmas celebrations started for me in the office. I got my team to come out from their shells and go to Q Bistro in front of the Podium Mall in Mandaluyong. Remeber my review about them HERE? Well they've got a Roast Beef buffet which we tried out on the weekend and it was mighty perfect for us and my team's families. Think about this huge slab of meat that melts off the bones, plus a menu that is the envy of everyone in Manila. Why? Check this out!

Pork with gravy, pinoy tacos, bruschetta, Asian spring rolls which I absolutely love.

The Asian Spring Rolls had fish on it. So I really had seconds and thirds. The fish with cream sauce was nice too. I'd skip the cream if I was in a diet but I'm NOT haha!

The Salad bar was heaven according to my foodie friend Gian of I had some too with the jicama and carrots. Their salad dressings? I LOVE!

Plus I love the soup too. They provide freshly cracked pepper like clockwork because they know it is going to make everything extra better! Visit them if you have some time. I highly recommend their place because its cozy, perfect for intimate dinners or business meetings.

I also made my Christmas stay at home by bringing out a couple of bottles of Daphne Home Scents. They came out with this limited edition Green Forest Pine that spreads the scent of the same tree; perfect for this season. I love every bit of it. 6 rooms, plus our living room all have this! =)

Plus I also had several sent to my relatives as gifts. It's only 380 Php on Bench and Dimensione stores nationwide. I love how it's also boxed elegantly. Truly world class products here.

And I'm still lovin it!

Then I met up with friends for dinner at BGC

We are Engineers, different courses. Some are ECE, EE, CE, ME and me CoE. We've ravaged time and trials like everybody else but what I like about them is when I spend time with their families. They are good friends. Some of them are my inaanaks :) So happy to see them once every year.

These guys (in black and white) are my bandmates in college. We've been through a lot. Now their husbands, wives also tag along so we are kinda growing. :)

Relatives from here and abroad came to our house to celebrate my Grandpa's 112th birthday. He ain't here anymore but we have continued meeting on the same date every year. Missing him a lot. :(

Last night, we still were in a festive mood and celebrated with family in Tagaytay. My brother also arrived from Ireland and he's here til middle of next month. We'll be making memories like we used to. 

From my home to yours, I hope you guys get to celebrate with the people you love. I know things will be greater next year. Thank you to everyone who supported me this 2012. To the celebrities I know, may your careers flourish because as far as I know all of them have been good people. To the PR companies I dealt with this year, they have been so good and even sent me some goodies this Christmas. Thank you so much for that. For the friends that I've made in the blogging world, thank you, you know who you are. You guys made my 2012 so great. I hope we continue to do more things this 2013! We're worth it! :)



Archieviner said...

Drama. dyuk! Sarap ng mga food ah. Maghapon lang ako sa kwarto nung pasko. di ako lumabas. lol

KUMAGCOW said...

Anong ginawa mo sa kwarto #Alamna haha juk

ZaiZai said...

sarap naman ng food! kelan ba exact bday mo Kumagcow, di kita nabati! dahil dyan tatangapin ko ang screw you haha :)

happy new year! :)

Archieviner said...

Natulog lang. lol

KUMAGCOW said...

Buong month? LOL