Make Your Vote Count: The Multiply Origination Awards!

Monday, December 03, 2012

There are several things we should be thankful for today and one of them is having to shop at Multiply. I told you about Multiply Origination Awards right? Well guess what, it's time to cast your votes now. There will be 10 merchants/products nominated for each category all vying for the coveted Most Original Fashion Forward Idea, Most Original Gourmand Idea and Most Original Mommy Management Idea. Your task today is to vote for what you think is the most original and most creative. They in turn will be rewarded quite handsomely.

You have to make sure your vote counts. For the most original Fashion Forward Idea, you can vote among these!

Studio Boheme - HoneyBadger Bags
Manila Sole - Manila Sole Shoes
Soak Swimwear - Cabo Feather Maillot
The School of Satchel - Macy Satchel
Bare Naturals - Butter Tint
Trinket For Keeps - Sea Adventure Charm Bracelet
Anagon Collection - Customizeable Wire Hangers
The School of Satchel - The Weekend Bag
Tuesday Freya - USB Camera necklace
The School of Satchel - Smart Passport Folio

For the Most Original Gourmand Idea you can vote for these merchants and their products!

Chuco Art - Chuco Portrait
Sweet Blooms - Enchanted Purple Hand-tied Purple Bouquet
Sweet Blooms - Paris Holloween Treat Basket
World Fair Trade Asia - Pineapple Vinegar
Milea Bee Farm - Trigona Sugar Bag
World Fair Trade Asia - Crispy Tahong
Sweet Success - Cake with Clothes Line Design
Cake Avenue Bakeshop - Decorated Cake with 3D Designs
Kela’s Kitchen and Keepers - Dainty Vanilla I Love You Cookies
Risa Chocolate - 60% South Cotabato - Coco Regular Mini Crave

For the Most Original Mommy Management Idea, you can vote for these merchants and products!

Honey Baby - Hoot Hats
Milea Bath and Body Wellness Essentials - Sniffles Balm
Milea Bath and Body Wellness Essentials - Milea Baby - SOOTHING NAPPY Cream
Mommy Patch - The Mommy Patch Anti-Mosquito Rescue Sticks™
Mommy Matters - BCV Tank Top
Mommy Matters - Mommy Mundos's Mom 24/7 2012 Planner
The Proud Mama Store - The Proud Mama Reversible Nursing Cover
Mommy Matters - Momease Diaperbag Converter
INDIGObaby - Shoo Fly Insect Repellant Home Spray
Proud Mama Store - Tee Hee Shirts

I bet you think everyone deserves to win, but of course you only have to choose one. There is no better reward than being recognized by consumers who think you are the best in the industry. What makes this also special is the thought of having awarded as the most original in a category where your idea is set as the best among great merchants and products. Who will win this year is in your hands, just go to and click on VOTE. You can also click on VOTE AGAIN to choose another one in different categories. Make sure you get them recognized. I voted too! =) Winners will be announced on January 14, 2013 so watch out for that!

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