Better Breakfasts at Sentro 1771!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I was expecting a few ravenous carnivores with me but just got some of the best bloggers in town (read:my friends). There's nothing but a great way to start a day but by doing breakfast in a posh neighborhood like BGC. We've come here to visit Sentro 1771 and yes we've just found something so good and spent much of my morning appreciating what I had that that day. Yummy!

The Interior

The place was a little packed when we came in. It was probably because it was race day in BGC and with all the runs happening in this part of town, this was quite the favorite place to hang out with the rest of the family. Their homey classic chairs and sturdy tables was in fact a necessity because I saw some huge expats and quirky kids testing it out. The kitchen was semi open and the service had some small lapses. Probably because it was a holiday; or maybe the person serving us was not that attentive. It was good though because they got better later on. Guy in orange on photo had me call him twice but he never came back to my table. But that's okay, we were waiting for someone anyway. The lady server not in photo made sure I had my fill of Chocolate which you'll see later on. You'll rave about that!

The Food

Hot Chocolate - Think about thick, smooth chocolate almost quite reminiscent of syrup. I added sugar on it because I like it extra sweet but the cup alone was perfect I tell you. You can probably have this with Churros and get away with it, but this is epic on its own. If it was raining and I'd be lounging beside a window, this is the one I'll be having. Quite comforting.

Fruit Platter - Why not splurge on what the Philippines is best known for? Fresh fruits like watermelon, sweet ripe mangoes and bananas to kick start your morning. It's a healthy alternative to carb loading which usually happen on this meal. This can give you the needed sugar rush you often only find on sweets which is a ton better than the usual.

Pan De Sal with Melted Kesong Puti - Local white cheese melted on Pan De Sal slices (used wheat bread instead because they ran out of it) this is quite nice instead of just plain butter and toast. The salty, crunchy texture just made me ask for more. It just made it a little hard to follow the diet regimen I'm in to eat everything haha.

Adobo Flakes - Sweet, salty and tangy. The signature Filipino dish just got even better. The fluffy eggs, made from fresh ingredients and the crunchy chicken adobo would take you to the moon and back. I love how this makes the comforting mood even way better.

Bonuan Bangus -Seeping all the way through the fish meat is its garlicky aroma. They told us that this actually is sourced locally albeit all their ingredients. They want to bring the produce directly from the regions it came from. No matter how hard it would be they want consumers like you and me to have the best and freshest ingredients. 

Durog na Baguio Longanisa - Speaking of fresh, this came directly from Baguio. They have this delivered almost everyday traveling by bus and to BGS's grounds. This is deconstructed. Presentation wise it would probably pass as ground pork but this wonderful dish accompanied by garlic or plain rice is just so filling. You would end up asking for more rice after a few spoonfuls. Make sure you have this and a side of achara. Yum-O!

Omelet, Bacon, Toast and Beans - Usually called an American breakfast they have these on regulars and have a variety of different toppings. I chose bacon of course and it was so good because it had that crunchy not so fat bacon strips which I ABSOLUTELY love! It stayed so crunchy even after a few minutes. It was the envy of my friends that time hehe! Plus the omelet still had that fluffy center. Quite a good deal for its price too!

Sirloin Tapa - Slivers of meaty, garlicky and peppery beef light fried on a pan and partnered with garlic rice; this one just packs so much flavor. It brings you home. You feel lighthearted and reminisce of what your mom used to make for breakfast. It hits the spot and you'll never regret ordering this one for sure!

The Dessert

Bam! I wasn't expecting this at all but YES we were having desserts!

Fried Suman and Mangoes - Who in the right mind would say no to Suman topped with caramel sauce, caramel shards and sweet ripe mangoes? Exactly my point. The combination is just perfect and if you ask me, it's a match made in heaven. You should have this shared for those sweet moments you haven't been getting in quite a while LOL

Keso Flan - Quezo De Bola based cheesecake with slices of Quezo De Bola and Salted Red Egg. I thought it was a nasty combination but no, it was AWESOME. I loved how the sweet salty played along with each other without disappointing those who want a sweet way to end their meal. The cheese flavor just seeps through so you get the best of both worlds. Highly recommended!

Maja Blanca Crepe - For those who love corn in their sweets, the Maja Blanca Crepe can give you that fix you've been looking for. It's soft and sweet crepe that is wrapped in hot crepe then smothered with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and crunchy sugar caramel shards. The soft and crunchy in one bite is just the perfect thing you are looking for in this dessert. 

Coffee Bean Sans Rival - Unlike the sans rival that you know, this one edges it out on flavor profile and presentation. You'll definitely love this concoction with layers of egg white based meringue baked to perfection, together with nuts, more chocolate/coffee liqueur and cream.  I love this! It's the perfect way to end a meal... but oh, wait, there's more!

Coffee Pie - I almost blurted out a bad word when I got a bite out of this Coffee pie, and yes I saved the best for last. Among all the things on their dessert menu I found this one truly deep in flavor profile. It borders on dark chocolate and coffee so you kinda get a hint of both. It's sweet just like I want it and the powder made of cocoa and powdered sugar made this entire dish a work of art and a gustatory adventure itself. I would go back to Sentro 1771 for this alone. It's that good. Need I say more? =)

Sentro 1771 and their concept made sense to me; and probably the rest of the public who's been going in and out of their restaurant these past few years. The recipes for the breakfast might be modern Filipino and Western but the execution is quite impeccable. Price wise they might be on the high side but you can't compromise quality over quantity. They made my omelet and the other dishes fresh right off the pan when we ordered and they are keeping it that way to encourage a compelling vision of a homey atmosphere and food prepared close to perfection in every way (just like when Mom used to make it). P.S. They've got an even better ala carte menu for lunch and dinner. Several stunners! So make sure the next time you plan your breakfast, lunch or dinner... make Sentro 1771 on top of your list because you'll be so sorry if you don't!

Sentro 1771 is part of the Chateau Group of restaurants. You are getting only the best!

Visit their restaurants at these venues:

Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati
Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Or simply call

Greenbelt 3 Branch : 757- 3941
Serendra : 856- 0581

Or Like them on Facebook!

/*Thank you so much to Kirk Daquioag who accommodated us at Sentro. Much appreciated!



ZaiZai said...

I know it seems so typical of a comment, but I'm sincere in saying na nakakagutom! Every dish looked yummy! Libre mo naman ako dyan pag nakuha mo na ang 13th month mo haha :)

John Bueno said...

Hahaha wala pa nga eh inaantay ko pa :)