Wendy's Got Something BIG: The BBQnator!

Monday, December 10, 2012

College life wouldn't be complete if you didn't have your friends over at Wendy's. That's where we usually stay for meetings and gatherings but when I went there a few days ago it was something to celebrate about. It was for something big, tasty and juicy. It was perfect for the Filipino palate because this particular one was researched and designed in the Philippines. I'll tell you about that later, let's start by showing you things to crave for first!

Taco Salad - Laid on a bed of fresh chopped lettuce leaves are these golden nacho pieces smothered with tasty chili that's got beans, onions, beef and chili peppers. Great protein servings in one bowl that's affordable and quite a crowd favorite.

Onion Rings - A relatively new item on their menu, these real deal onions covered in thick crunchy batter was just launched November 30th. Using Yellow Spanish Onions as base, you can't compare these with the other Onion Rings out in fast food shops that are completely artificial. It's what sets them apart from other brands because they make this and the other products FRESH daily.

Natural Cut Fries with Sea Salt -  Think about French fries gone natural then sprinkled with a little sea salt after frying and you've got a staple partner for burgers and drinks. The crunchy exterior with natural skins on would still make you love the same old fries you enjoy from way back then. Now it's healthier and better than ever. I don't want to weird you out but I always dip this in my Frostee, one item that I do not forget to order when I'm in Wendy's!

Iced Tea - You can go full Iced Tea or try the light one but as with most meals I've ordered from Wendy's this is a must! Because if we don't drink anything after what we're going to eat after this, we'll do the gag reflex thing haha!

And for the fiesta de resistance, ladies and gentlemen this is THE BBQNATOR!

It's got 2 thick and juicy quarter pound beef patties, 6 strips of tasty smoked bacon, 2 slices of American cheese, sweet and smoky hickory barbeque sauce that's topped with crunchy real yellow Spanish onion rings. How in the world can you resist that?!

This humongous serving only costs P 315.00 for the combo and P255.00 if you just want to have it ordered ala carte! For those who are on a diet, take the next level and just order Son of BBQnator for P 156.00 or P198.00 on a Combo meal. 

Wait... is someone reading this? Hellowww??

Okay... they left already... they want the WENDY'S BBQNATOR NOW!

It's the best time for Wendy's!

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