Twinkling Treats From Gonuts Donuts Plus!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I got so excited a few days ago because Christmas officially started in our home. Clad in my jammies and rags I woke up to quite a spectacular package from Gonuts Donuts!

Wooohpie! I was spinning around, jumping up and down and running around the house because I was so happy to receive gifts this early! Oh the joy, I just couldn't contain it! So I did the next best thing, I opened up the box and my eyes... just went teary eyed!

Now tell me, who in the right mind won't be happy seeing these awesome Gonuts Donuts treats on the table? Oh and may I just tell you, it was a dozen of these gorgeous donuts sent my way showing how much they really love me! You just instantly feel that happiness just resides in this side of the world! ^_^

Of course, I had to take a bite at these wonderful doughnuts!

Think about thick frosting with cutouts of sugar based candies that makes you close your eyes and wonder, how in the world did this happen? Then when you are caught unaware, a sudden burst of your favorite filling, the sweet mellow Bavarian, the oozing sweet Caramel and the tangy Lemon Cream. Well, they've got hundreds of reasons why people flock their stores in the metro. But these special ones would probably only last til Christmas season ends.

Then they made it even more special!

Do you know what's on this box?! =)

It was more Twinkling Treats from Gonuts Donuts! I bet these are Gingerbread cookies.

All wrapped up in individual packs are these gorgeous treats that's covered in glistening sugar and frosting. It's not too sweet and perfect for those kids who you don't want to end up with a sugar rush. This is something that I definitely would recommend if you want something to hang on your Christmas trees. Actually I got them all hanged up since then. Well, not really because I ate some of it haha!

I especially love the green one with the gingerbread man on top. It crumbles so slightly just the way I like it. I ate all these three because I need to take photos and sample them of course! :)

Now if you are up to it why not rush over to your favorite Gonuts Donuts stores nationwide and pick up some of these awesome treats that are only available this Christmas season! Oh and of course there are still some of your favorites like the Glazed Doughnuts which I absolutely LOVE! It's CRAZY! YOU MUST GRAB A DOZEN OR MORE NOW! It's time to go nuts with GoNuts Donuts!

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