AVIDA Towers Centera: 3D Street Painting Festival!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2 days of the hot afternoon sun, I don't know who can actually weather that but I'm impressed with what I saw a few days ago. The place, was the promising Avida Centera situated right at the heart of Mandaluyong City. The buildings are still under construction but they have been holding events there since its inception.This time, it's the 3D Street Painting Festival! 

20 entries from different colleges and universities in Manila vied for the 75,000 peso prize money for the theme "PASKO  NATIN" and as you can see these works of art are no ordinary! Each was made to look life like as if everything was being lifted off the ground. The judges themselves had a hard time choosing from the entries because it also was different when photographed. You had that full 3D effect when seen on the PC rather than in real life.

  The Judges had a hard time choosing who wins the 75,000 prize money!

Contestants AC from UP Diliman, PUP Katha Art Kits, Art Men PUP Manila, UPFA, PUP, Linya from PUP, FEATI Art Group, Guhit Visual Arts from PUP, Pabida from UP Diliman, Creative Arts Group from PUP, PUP BSID, Dakila Art Teams, ITeam, Lakandayang from PUP, TATSPROOF, MAN-O-WAR from UP Diliman, UNO, ARTCOLORES from URS Angono, Team Pintados, and OBRA LIKHA from EARIST made their entries the day before and most of hem spent overnight just to make sure they finish the projects before judging commenced. The judges were no ordinary too because some of them have work installations outside the Philippines, from esteemed broadsheets and admired artists themselves. It was so nice they looked at each entry in its entirety and made sure they look at it with 3D in mind. Soon enough they were able to choose who won and got third place (who gets 30 thousand pesos), Second Place (who gets 50 Thousand Pesos!) and the Grand Prize who will receive 75 Thousand Pesos!

I was a little disappointed not all schools like my alma mater UE didn't join the competition because I'm pretty sure they can give these guys a run for the prize. PUP had a lot of entries because they've got a whole organization supporting them on this contest alone. The veterans even made legwork to partner up with other newbies so they get the chance to experience the same enthralling work these artists put into one work of art. They learn in the process and even get needed experience to make it in this industry. Just like AVIDA Centera, they hone these talented individuals and make them better citizens through community activities that one should expect while living in their condominiums soon!

Congratulations to the winners! Here they are!

Congratulations to UPFA composed of students from UP Diliman for winning the 75,000 peso prize pot. You have a great career ahead of you now. Last year's winners had several TV guestings and work offered to them by multinational companies and started a very lucrative career so it doesn't just stop here. These guys were even first timers and they were so happy to have won the 3D Street Painting festival! Try and visit the Avida Towers Centera showroom if you want to see these entries too as they are displayed at the back of it. Simply ask your friendly agent for a tour.

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