Fujifilm Philippines Relaunches Store and New X-Series!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

It was fun to see people in a celebratory and festive mood when I arrived at the basement store of Fuji Film a few days ago in Megamall. They have been there for years now but they have completely renovated the place and got more things in store for you. Shall we look around?! Let's do this! =)

Executives from Fuji Film in the Philippines and Japan were all there to witness the relaunch of this store in Megamall. It was nice to see them celebrating, they were all very proud about how this store became a landmark for film and camera enthusiasts in the metro. We were also treated to see the new line of cameras that Fuji has for the X Series.

The X Series was launched this January 2012. The X-E1 just like the rest of the models in this line had that vintage feel. Even though this isn't film, the hybrid electronic view makes it the perfect companion without lugging around that heavy DSLR camera and quality wise this is at par with what professionals use. It's got a built in pop up flash that I was so worried about because it flips out too strong for its build and got 16 Megapixels shooting prowess that would be the envy of most mirrorless cams in its price range. Although a little pricey, it pays off as one of the most affordable toned down versions of the Fuji XPro-1. It's got HD video too and autofocuses unike DSLR's that don't have that feature yet making it a mile and a half better than other brands.

Submitting itself to the demands of those professional photographers that want a compact camera, FujiFilm came out with this X10 giving the digicam market another choice instead of the Panasonic Lumix and Powershot Cybershot cams of Sony and Canon. It's got one of the best sensors, 12MP quality and something that most professionals would carry because it can beat most DSLR's in the market even if it's not a full pledge professional camera. At 2.0 to 2.8 it's got one of the best aperture range perfect for low light conditions and all around performance without being too big for comfort.

It's got that same EX-R sensor such as in the X10 and X-S1 so you will probably have the same output even on a sleeker and quite new classy frame. This particular model is said to be the perfect second body for the conventional DSLR's. I wanted to have the brown one; the other ones were black and red; (it's clad in leather and metal finish). Testing out the camera in the Fujifilm store it's the perfect all around camera because it has fast F1.8 maximum aperture for wide angle shots and F4.9 its max telephoto capability.

This one started it all. A brand new mount, a brand new lens convention and its own set of lenses. Fujifilm totally redesigned this from ground up so they can control the excellent output they always wanted now that they are in the compact camera industry. It's got 16MP and can output raw files. This also has the APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor that is being used now for other cams in this series; a milestone in Fujifilm's development of the new cameras. It also has the EXR Processor Pro image processor implemented in other X Series cameras, dual-magnification hybrid optical / electronic viewfinder that you can switch automatically in between, analogue dials for shutter speed and exposure compensation on the top of the camera. I like the 35mm at 1.4 and suggest you try that inside the store. It's one of the best in its class.

I would have wanted to spend a little more time at the Fujifilm center but didn't get to do so because of time constraints. But what impresses me the most is that aside from them having the new space is the experience of touching the cameras and able to test them out. This is something that I didn't get to do with my DSLR and getting a grip of it before purchasing is part of the experience. I would suggest you try and approach them at the Megamall basement branch because the people there are very accommodating. That's the upside. You can experience more in this new place. For photography enthusiasts like me, try and experience it.

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