Imagine Life Sweeter With Splenda!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Being in a family living with Diabetes I was exposed to a culture driven to rid of this disabling condition since a very young age. Living on millions of acres in sugar cane farmlands was always part of the equation so just think about how doubly hard it was for us to shy away from the very same thing that was putting food on the table. We were like Vampires ostracized from the society. We always watched how much sugar intake we make and only limit ourselves to food and drinks that are prepared and end up tasteless not to mention quite boring. Since sugar use is limited we had to find ways to enjoy life like normal people. We can't prepare food at home just for us, it was always cooked for everybody. 70 percent have problems with it and the minority (us kids) are left having to bare the same thing that are prepared for those who have type 1 and type 2 of this condition.

Life has been good to us obviously. Taking care and watching what we eat became very beneficial. Aside from that, there's Splenda. I remember that time we were all sourcing these things from the US, we often ran out of it because we had to wait for someone to come home to get some. Good thing it's actually available now locally. Almost all major supermarkets and stores carry it and that ended up as something regularly used in our home. My brother who's an Executive Chef in Ireland taught us to use it in baking too. It's quite a healthy alternative than the regular processed sugar. His Carrot Cake is to die for. Now we're even sharing the healthy things we're doing to other people. Now that's a smart thing to do. We used to sell them to family and friends but now only do it on special occasions. Our coffee breaks and cake time just got even better because we don't have to worry so much. Splenda made us live life like normal people. Isn't that something to be happy about?! And yes we do, now we do! Our lives are now even sweeter with Splenda!=)

For more information about Splenda and the wonderful things you could do with it:

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Tsiremo said...

Will try Splenda. Me and my mom, may lahi rin kame ng diabetes eh. Thanks for sharing this product.

KUMAGCOW said...

Wow that's great input Tsi, hey will I be seeing you later? :)

eccentricmelai said...

naku, may lahi kaya kami ng diabetes. will definitely try Splenda and share this to my Mom, who is a diabetic.

KUMAGCOW said...

That would be awesome Melai, keeping the family healthy by using Splenda :)