BENCH presents: LEE MIN HO "My Everything" Press Conference

Saturday, July 06, 2013

This is actually my second time seeing him this near and mind I tell you he's got almost creamy flawless skin. I've never seen anyone this smooth, this approachable and appreciative at the same time. Oppa was a delight to hear while being interviewed. He was a little tired but he didn't show it. It started a little bit rough on the venue because everyone wanted to see him, take shots of him and videos too. So imagine the throng of people fighting their way in the front so they could do this. Yes, I'm part of that crowd too. It was hard, but I know I've got to at least give you what you wanted to see. Did you catch my live tweets? :) You should check @kumagcow on Twitter because I covered pretty much everything. But here's an even better treat for you guys.

I had problems where I had to take shots. See this crowd? This isn't even half of it.

Then when everyone was settled... he came in... of course I've heard screams!

He immediately said hi to everyone and proceeded to his seat in the middle for the interview. He waved a lot to his fans and to the media. He was a little tired I think from the trip but he kept smiling all throughout the interview. He inaugurated the building, this was held on the 21st floor of the new BENCH TOWER. =)

Don't you guys just want to melt every time he smiles like this?? =)

Sam Oh of ETC hosted the program. She was fun and bubbly. She made it easy for Lee Min Ho to get settled and the conversation was fun. 

More photos here!

Lee Min Ho says that he feels that his fans, friends and family is his everything. Without them he would have not succeeded in his career. He owes them a lot he says and this album called "My Everything" is something they made to thank them for their support all these years. That's a very touching remark from this Asian superstar.

Lee Min Ho says his Philippine fans are the most passionate. He says every time he sees his Twitter timeline and sees the throng of fans appreciating his work and saying how much they love him really makes him happy. He appreciates even the smallest things that they do.

He said that he knows his fans don't want to see him dancing too much. He says he'll be doing something in the concert which he calls "The Butt Dance" but when everyone shouted "SAMPLE, SAMPLE" he immediately said they should watch the show. Pretty smart and funny Oppa! Haha

Lee Min Ho says that the reason why he wants to sing on stage is because he gets to see the reaction of his fans immediately. Unlike when it's a series where he only gets feedback after a few months. It's a little delayed he says and he finds it so nice that his fans appreciate it.

Then it was time to say good bye. He said he's surely going back to the Philippines and he wants to see all the islands, beaches and the people.



sarangheleeminho said...

as I have said, YOU ARE THE BEST! Thanks for sharing the photos, these are PERFECT! I hope we get more info and updates from you as the concert starts tonight! AWESOME!!!!

dawn said...

thanks for sharing the photos of LMH:-)

Ennairam said...

thank you soooo much!

La €neida said...

Awesome review. Thanks for don't hesitate to affirm that Lee Min Ho is simply one of a kind...more than a phenomenon the reflects of a great human being. ..

Karell Francess said...

i regret that i havent seen my fave korean actor for the second time...but my admiration for hasnt change....thank you this info i look forward to get more update about my lee min ho. thank you

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three letters - OMG!!!