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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

When I was younger, I always keep those sweet love letters I get from my girlfriend and put it in a box. I cherished it more than anything because it was her hand writing, and ultimately it was very personal. I also loved it because she took time to write and put effort to at least impress me with words. That's one thing I guess that has touched me the most; because it's something that represents her. To me, no matter what the brand was of the paper... it didn't really matter because it had her name on it. Now imagine that same value applying for all your clients. A business can only further his dreams with the right material, and the right marketing strategy... starting with the basics; of at least making them feel you personally are in touch with them.

This morning, a few personal note cards arrived in my mail. Now I know this could have cost me an arm and a leg but since it was sourced directly from the manufacturer/distributor, you kinda get less of a hassle on middlemen. This would mean your materials and giveaways wouldn't cost you much because you take away the red tape and costs in between. I'm sure corporations would agree with me in saying that you can market your brand and products through your own employees, guests and their families. Corporate giveaways are integral parts of this strategy and in hindsight, we all have received on or more things from them too right? If you are a startup company, this would be the perfect occasion!

Tomorrow, July 3 until July 5, 2013... the 26th Annual Corporate Giveaways 2013 will commence at the grand SMX Convention Center. It starts from 10AM to 7PM and admission is free. If you want to get the best deals and suppliers for your corporate giveaways, this is the place to be. This is the country's longest running buyer's show for business gifts, premiums, promotional ideas and merchandise incentives. They are after all doing you a favor of putting them all in one place right?

This is a project of WORLDEXCO and their event partners, CTC, SIDANN and their media partner BusinessWorld.

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