Friday, July 19, 2013

Some of the best people I know in the showbiz industry just decided to make a masterpiece one afternoon and wanted to come at you with everything they have. Something about life without even taking away from it. It makes sense, it talks about real life and the wonders of asking one question... what if you get to see them die? Who deserves to suddenly lose their life?

It was more fun because I got to ask questions about their characters. See? hehe

Who in the right mind wouldn't love someone as good as Ms. Eugene Domingo? She plays a character called Fiesta. Just the name along would probably give you the notion that she's fun. But in this one, she's dead serious. She also presents something so typical of a Filipino trait. It's how we care for our elders. Unlike what is practiced in western culture, we don't usually put our parents up in homes. She feels like her own Father is a burden but she does the right thing and takes good care of him. Even call him her own version of "hell" on some instances. But really, it shows how much she has made life at least a good thing as payback to the one that took care of her all these years. She might have forgotten herself in the process... and when the time arrived for her to have a glimpse to fall in love... will it be the perfect time for her to die while being loved by someone with the likes of Jake Cuenca? oh no...

Good looking Enchong Dee on the other hand plays a virgin. Big issue. Men in their teens or late teens would probably connect with machismo and losing it in one night. Who doesn't even want that? He plays Caloy in this film. Being a guy in a long distance relationship must have its frustrations. You can't touch, have it with your girl. You wait for years and it doesn't happen. And then there's this opportunity for you to do it with others, you just grab it as it comes. I don't even know why I kinda relate with him LOL maybe it sounds like some people I know. When the one you love suddenly appears and catch you doing it with someone else, who wouldn't get mad right? Well it's one thing that he gets caught, but what if he hasn't said sorry to the love of his life then gets to meet an accident and die? 

Leo Martinez plays Tonio, a retired old man living his dreams at the expense of his family. Making decisions here and there that are outright crazy. He wants to do so many things before he gets too old for it. But while everything was already going right for him, he gets into the same accident. Does he deserve to die too? Oh my...

A masterpiece that was just made in a workshop then turned into a full film, who wouldn't want to watch this! Who makes it into this whole TUHOG incident and doesn't appreciate something so dark, yet so fun in between stories. It's making raves right now on cinemas and it's not too late to go ahead and watch it... who dies in the end? It's an offering from Star Cinema in celebration of their 20th year in the film industry plus they get to work with one of the best indie film outfits Skylight Films. You just have to find out! Watch TUHOG on cinemas nationwide!

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zaizai salonga said...

we're going to watch this tommorow! :)

KUMAGCOW said...

Wow syempre with your loved one ehheehehe