Buddha Bar Means Business: Lunch That Is!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I've been to Buddha Bar in Makati a couple of times now and it's nothing but absolute poshness in one place and I can't believe there's such a thing in the Philippines. From it's impeccable interiors and grandioso bar, couches, private rooms and dining tables.. it's something that I always want to be in every time I'm within the district. Nothing can match this place when it comes to food too and I've had a glimpse of that during business lunch a couple of days ago. I had to have my favorites too because this is heaven... just take a look at this!

I had the signature Buddha Bar Iced Tea first because they know this is my favorite... did you know this one is served around the world? Buddha Bar has restaurants in Paris, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Keiv and this one in Manila... everything in it is pre approved by management in Paris so you are sure you're only getting the best if you are in Buddha Bar.

I was here specifically for this, to try out the BUSINESS LUNCH which they are offering now. Judging from the menu, it was all special and I couldn't wait to see the soups and main course which kinda tickled my fancy.

Executive Chef Soc Santos even appeared to take care of logistics and explained the menu. She took time telling us how this is the perfect marriage of Asian flavors and French flare. It triggers emotions, it can make you fall in love. This is a business lunch but it definitely brought more than just that.

Case in point:

This is Mushroom Cappuccino. It was a warm afternoon but it was cold inside Buddha Bar, it was just the right amount of warmth I was expecting to have for lunch. The foam made the soup quite light. The soup itself had bits of mushroom and because of it, it had a very earthy flavor all throughout. Dark, thick, but must be taken hot so you can appreciate how it is just as Chef Soc wants you to experience it. 

This one is the Salad Mesclun with Tropical Fruits. Fresh, a combination of crunchy veggies, leafy greens and sweet fruits and drizzled with light oil based dressing and balsamic vinegar. I wanted this whole bowl on my own but you can definitely have this shared. Pretty basic looking but this is a hit with me.

Take a look at this.... the Butterflied Salmon Fillet. It's slowly caramelized the Salmon meat while on the grill then served with a side of Teppanyaki Sauce placed on a bed of Asian Cream Pasta and a few pieces o snow peas. This is so comforting. Do I really need to convince you to order this one? LOL

This is my favorite among those that were served that afternoon. This is the Chinese Style Chicken. This is also said to be the owner's favorite. I couldn't blame him why. It's juicy, crunchy and had good flavor. The noodles that came with it, was superb! I don't eat noodles on regular occasions but this one was AWESOME I even had to have more!

There's no iconic snack than old Fish and Chips in the UK and what better way to present something western but putting in your own Asian touch with the fish in the center and a serving of spuds on the side cut up au naturelle. I love the combination and it was served so piping hot I felt like I was in the British district. A splash of lemon on the crunchy batter oh don't get me started. Loved it!

Tempura Wok Fried Vegetables had all the crunch and all the nutritious treats you want in one plate. Healthy, not that oily and very filling without the guilt. It's something I'd like my lady to have if on a date. I guess if she's not a steak person this is definitely worth it!

Green Curry Chicken looks so good already just by looking at it. At first taste, it's hot, meaty and intensely flavorful. I love curry and I must say this was really meat to be a paired up with lemon grass rice that was served. It was a play of the senses, and the most strong and pungent spices on the lunch table. If you prefer something hot, this should be one of the things on your plate. You just can't resist something so good!

This is the Pepper Flank Steak with Oriental Black Pepper Sauce, a side of roasted vegetables and home style potatoes. For meat lovers like me, nothing beats soft slivers of beef and a spicy gravy on a bed of sweet and smoky veggies softened on a grill. It's good in all directions. Simple but I'd like to suggest you have this once it's placed on your table. It's meant to be eaten hot so you wouldn't want to wait. Take it medium rare which is my preference. It's better that way!

Skewered Beef Tenders remind me of Malaysian Beef Sate which probably is the influence of this dish. The peanut sauce on the side was actually a giveaway and this is very good. I had a couple of sticks. This one can even stand on its own, even if you take it without the rice. But really, who doesn't want rice for lunch in this country right? =))

This is lethal. It's Buddha Bar's Dessert Degustation Plate. It's a surprise of Chocolate, cream, caramel, chili, pistachio and all the best in one plate. The mousse had it coming, I paid it a visit and it's done in just a few minutes. It's as pretty as it looks, tasty too! 

Finish it up with a cup of joe and it's the perfect lunch. Make sure you get the best out of the few hours you spend outside the office because it's why Buddha Bar exists. Take your time, relax, make that sale and spend business hours the right way by having this BUSINESS LUNCH for only Php790.00 net. It's worth every cent, it's got finesse and the good things lunch is supposed to be done. A better meal, great food and an awesome place. What more can you ask for with Buddha Bar? Come over to Picar Place in Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City. For reservations please call +6328566859, +6328566709. You may also email them at info@buddhabarmanila.com. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Just look for @BuddhaBarMNL on these channels. It's one place I could recommend if you prefer the best. Call them also for whatever budget you have and they can customize your menu. It's that easy!

Oh before I forget, ladies... you should go to Buddha Bar on Wednesday nights. They've got free flowing bubblies for you until 12AM. Who knows, you might be lucky and find the guy of your dreams there too! =)

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