Toshiba Launches New High Performance Laptops in the Philippines!

Monday, July 01, 2013

A few days ago I was invited to one of the most entertaining afternoons I have ever been in courtesy of Toshiba, the Philippines number one brand when it comes to laptop computers.They were there to launch new stylish, high performance laptop computers specifically designed for consumers who want the best when it comes to these hardware pieces.

Case in point..

They got these two play roles: a chef, a businessman and what not. I was so afraid of what they did to the laptop computers, why? 

They sliced and diced in it.. cracked chestnuts on its edges, then even stepped on the thing for a couple of minutes! Dang I was not even laughing because I know no laptop computer can probably withstand that! Lo and behold these gadgets all went out still functional as if nothing even happened. Imagine that!

Toshiba's executives were confident that these line of specialized laptop computers can outperform their counterparts in the market. They believe that Filipinos know they are getting high performance and quality laptop computers just by seeing the brand alone. Their track record has proven their worth and they don't stop innovating because they know their market only deserves the best. They came out with these new models.

The Qosmio X Series which is designed for gaming enthusiasts had the right amount of graphics and processing ability to support those hard to play games right in your laptop computer. It's got a massive 17.3 inch display, Intel core processor, 16GB RAM, a GEForce GTX 770M graphics card and a 3GB GDDE5 Video Ram that comes with it. They also have the Harmon Kardon speakers which cannot be seen in other laptop computers as it is specifically designed for Toshiba, how can anyone beat that?

The new Satellite L Series (L40 and L50) is on the other hand designed for heavy multimedia users. Stylish yet very functional, it boasts of the fourth generation of Intel Core processors, GEForce GT 745M card, a frame buffer of 4GB and still has room for an optical drive. It' also got a 15.6 inch screen and a touchpad that also supports 10 point touch and swipe functions not available in other brands of it's equivalent computing power.

The new Satellite S Series (S40) is Toshiba's answer for the consumer who requires both power and a good amount of entertainment capable of making each owner fully productive and still fun because it's got a 14.1 inch display,  750GB HDD storage for all your files to fit in and DTS Sound via the build in Onkyo Speakers. What's even better is that it feels as convenient like using a tablet or smartphone because of its 10 point touch display which functions the same way as these touch enabled devices. Pretty cool!

The new Satellite P Series stays stylish and functional as these are supercomputing powers that exists in reality. These are entertainment optimized too so you never bore out of presentations or watching in the comforts of your own home. It's got 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch versions which could fit your need if you prefer a smaller one but still keeping full HD features. It's got 1 TB drive space, 32 GB of 1600MHz DDR3L memory, new USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI 1.4 standard port and the same Harman Kardon quality speakers capable of producing DTS Studio Sound. How's that for show?

The Protege Z10t is Toshiba's answer for those who want a combined laptop pc and tablet who would definitely fit executives and frequent travelers without lugging around massive piece of equipment since this is a true blue Ultrabook at only 850 grams. It's durable, powerful and convenient and I wanted one for myself. I have yet to ask Toshiba if they can lend us a review unit soon!

Each Toshiba laptop featured here come with service and support within their SelecServ Program. You can opt for customized warranty coverage so you don't have to pay for some things that you don't really need. That's something others brand don't even want to do costing you an arm and a leg just to get your laptop covered.

So cut to the chase and purchase one of these beauties. I know I must have that Protege thing soon. will they listen? LOL

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