The Canon Pixma MX527 Experience!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

One of the nicest things ever for a photographer to see is to have his work printed. It kinda gives you a real world feel on how your images impact yourself and other people. It's how you see the quality of each shot and physically hold it rather than just see it digitally on computers. It's like honoring the quality and having people appreciate it. I haven't had may done in such a long time.

This is Canon's Pixma MX527. This is one of the most talented, multi function Inkjet printers that Canon has on their belt. It's a printer, scanner, copier and fax machine all in one. Best of all, it's wireless, so you don't really have to worry about logistics of running wires, networking cables around your house. Just plug it in, install the drivers and have it connected to your wireless network.

Have you ever had that problem about always having to turn on that computer that's got the printer attached to it so you can use it as a network printer? Well you don't need to do that on this one because it can stand alone. With it having designated IP on your network much like a print server, you can save a lot of standby power and don't have to have that PC ON all the time just to get other pc's on the network have this function. It's also got a more ergonomic interface which can easily be learned in just a few minutes.

To get the best output possible, it's also a must to have genuine Canon printer cartridges. The Canon Pixma MX527 uses #740 Black and #741 for color. Boxes come with hologram stickers so you can spot the real ones from the fake.

I tested it's scanning abilities by doing myself the best editing job yet for a photo. I plan to restore my graduation pic haha (so don't judge LOL).

It's got water damage, spots the whole thing as it got wet during a storm (coz Mom wants to show it off to relatives in our living room, it's got a window). So cleaning that up would probably be a nice thing to do with my photo editing skills.

Just press the scan button, then the green button to execute.

The scanner was solid. It was fast and I didn't have to wait too much for the output. As for details, it did deliver so I don't need to do much when editing. Maybe it would take me an hour to do this plus my other prints. I'm loving every bit of it!

I installed the cartridges... and it was easy!

Take off the seal, pull down the levers and insert the cartridges. Then after that, just pull the lever up and get the printer cover on again. It's that simple!

I installed the drivers and used LPR or IP printing. You have to connect the printer to the wireless network and after it gets the IP address, you just have to let your computer search for a network printer. It was pretty easy for me.

Press the MENU button then choose to scan and select the Access Point

 If you have security employed on your network, you must input the passphrase. I have WPA2 on mine so I went in and did that.

You have to choose the source and can even get it online directly from the printer. I chose the one from my laptop computer as the source.

I edited the photo I scanned on the Multifunction Printer. It took me a few minutes. Then after that, I printed it out. It took a few seconds per photo and I figured this was what I'd expect from a Canon Pixma printer.

No more water damage! It's even better looking! =)

The Canon Pixma MX 527 has great printing speed. It's usually measured my PPM or IPM. The term  stands for pages per minute and images per minute. This is an ISO standard set for all manufacturers and this one stands at 5.5 IPM.I didn't settle for just looking at the specs of course! I did the next best thing and tried to print some of my shots from Philippine Fashion Week!

Then of course after a few minutes, I had the best photos printed out!

Some of the stars that have graced my lens are here! Sarah Jessica Parker, Apl de Ap, some of the Glee cast, Lee Min Ho, Richard and Lucy, Jennelyn Mercado among others. Then after that, I got Furne One from Philippine Fashion Week also done!

It was so nice! I had both Photoshop and the Printer manage my color settings. It was really awesome to see my shots physically here! 

The Fax Machine was too advanced that when I tried to send something from our other line it printed out like a copier machine on this end for the black and white text that it had. The sending on the other end was slow, but when this machine received it... I couldn't believe it took around less than 3 seconds to do it. The copying was good, I even tried different paper sizes and it didn't have a problem at all. The scanner was so smart, I didn't have to crop anymore because it seemed like it detected the photo all on it's own when I did it to my graduation photo. I'd like to thank Canon for letting me experience printing off a truly world class device. The Canon Pixma MX527 indeed has delivered for printing, scanning, fax and copy features. I am just truly impressed! I hope this isn't the last time you would get me to try one of your machines. I just got addicted to its speed, performance and color. I have to give it to you guys, this is really your forte!

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