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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A few days ago, I got my camera along for a trip and had to interview a few stars from GMA's morning program called "With A Smile". It's my first time to see these guys in the flesh; and it was refreshing to see them in a relaxed mood. It was drizzling that afternoon but we sat down and just talked casually, just the way I liked it.

This pretty girl's name is Shelly Hipolito. She's quite bubbly but a little reserved at that time prolly because it's the first time to have a pocket blog con. She got relaxed after a few questions. Her role in this series is pretty much pegged like a bubbly fashionista... reminiscent of Jolina Magdangal in the early years. She's been out for a long time and she's so thankful that GMA finally gave her this project. Mind you she and her other co stars had to literally audition for this and it wasn't really easy. She fits the character and one that might take your interest is her suitors. She's also got three of them so it'll be a riot! I find her really nice and she's pretty much taking her time to hone her acting skills. Maybe soon she'll have more. Stars from the channel did their stints at this age and she shouldn't be different. I wish her great things in the future, hopefully a big star like her seniors!

This guy is Bryan Benedict. He's quite well built and I've seen some of his photos prior to this event. He obviously grew his hair, got a little taller and probably has grown out their Protege days (which Shelly and Bryan actually started). He told us he was a little nervous at first but since he did small things here and there with other shows, it was a little easy to adapt this time. The only difference might be is their lines. This time he's got a lot to say while portraying a character in the garage that Christian Bautista owns. You should watch the series in GMA's morning block, I'm sure you'll spot him and his big guns on this lot. He's a good chap I must say and he's eager to do more projects with other artists. He takes this in as a blessing and is very thankful GMA trusted them even if they are new to the business. He's one of the good guys, I find him very humble and I'm sure he'll be in the ranks of the guys GMA has on their stable.

I've seen this lady on other GMA programs and some series in the past. She of course is Andrea Torres. I don't know if we're related (Torres on Mom's side) but that could be her screen name. Anyway haha... she's really pretty in person. You know, those kind that light up a room when they come in? She's like that. She's portraying the role of Isay, a simple barrio girl with dreams of alleviating her family from their poor economic situation. She's got a huge passion for cooking and she'll strut her ware, playing eye candy to 2 guys on this program. Mind you they are not just any guy. If you were a fan of the previous team up between her and model, actor, all around nice guy Mikael Daez... then this will surely be a thousand times KILIG.

All smiles head this way for Mikael Daez. I've shot him a couple of times during Philippine Fashion Week, mostly for Penshoppe's shows. I was so glad to have at least introduce my self and he does apparently remember some of my tweets. :) He plays a happy go lucky - womanizing - no care at all guy called Dean. His whole life turns around when he gets to fall in love with Andrea's character. They were so kulit, so playful while on the interview... I could mistake them for a real couple. Andrea tells us that this guy is really the closest, and so does he. Now why in the world are they not together? Do you think it could eventually happen on this series? 

Watch as Mikael Daez, Christian Bautista and Andrea Torres give you the right amount of love, the right amount of comedy as they treat you every weekday morning with their new stint.. WITH A SMILE which shows on GMA. :)

Thanks guys, had fun really listening to your stories. Congratulations and I wish you all the best on your new show!

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