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Sunday, July 21, 2013

I've seen Erik Santos twice. I was't able to talk to him that much as the press was there. An intimate one a few days ago transpired so I really jumped the chance to actually get to know him. He's one of the greatest singers in the country and I've sung one or more of his songs in the shower which I'm sure is the same for almost every guy who loves ballads. Women get swept off their feet at the mere first line when he sings, and he's done so many theme songs that really set the mood for some of the most successful telenovelas and seryes in primetime. He got the best of these songs and had it remastered then put into one album. He then released it into the market as "The Erik Santos Collection" and it boasts the best of the best songs you've ever heard from him. It's got 30 tracks but only costs Php 250.00 on your favorite record bars. They made an extra effort making this affordable because as Erik laments, it's intended as a payback to his fans who has been with him all these years. 

His smile lights up the room. Even when he's a little under the weather he still made it a point to talk with us because he knows how important it is to connect with people. I find him very nice, funny and very genuine. He was pretty happy that the mood was relaxed so even if we were asking personal questions, he didn't mind answering it. He was like talking amongst friends.

It's his 10th year in the business but he says he wanted to still achieve so many things. But he remains very humble. Asking why, he said it was because of his family and his fans. Without them taking their time watching his concerts, and buying his albums he wouldn't be motivated to sing. 

He remembers the time that when he was loveless and it was Valentines day, he woke up with lots of petals and flowers on his sheets.. and all over his room. When he came downstairs he saw his fans surprising him that day, and he finds value in this. He says, they don't even know some of them but they did that out of love. That's the same reason why he did this album, he sees the need to pay back to them. They are so nice to him that's why he's treating them the same way. It's a very good gesture. 

Did you know that his guilty pleasure is watches and shoes? He's got tons of them and he appreciates that over going out and having sleepless nights. He doesn't go out that much because he needs to take care of his voice. He also wants to spend time with family than doing vices like drinking or smoking. He's been brought up pretty good and he owes that from his parents. When asked what he wants because it seems that he's already got it all... he answered one thing... LOVE LIFE. And he feels he's in the right age to marry, he is dating and all but he wants to find the ONE. He's not getting any younger he adds.

His album already released in music stores nationwide. Grab a copy and see the best songs he's sung in the 10 years that he's been in the business. Watch out also for the concert that will culminate his decade happening later this year. Thank you so much to Star Records for letting us talk to Erik Santos, we've seen him in a different light. Make sure you support him all the way and watch out for a new album soon. For the mean time, please get the "The Erik Santos Collection". You'll surely be mesmerized once again and remember how we laughed, cried and seen these shows all over again! Congratulations Erik! You truly deserve your success!

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zaizai salonga said...

He still looks very cute even if he isn't well. I wish I were the same! :)