Bench Presents: Lee Min Ho - "My Everything" World Tour Concert!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I'm sure you have probably been waiting for this for a long time now. It's a lot so I couldn't really put it all into one post. I think I found the solution by putting it into a slide show. Hope you love these photos as Ive been painstakingly editing them these past few days. This experience wouldn't be possible without our good friends from Bench, the global lifestyle brand. I'm so happy they have been able to get us first dibs into the best shows, events and launches just as long as it involves your favorite Benchsetters. Thank you also to all the Minoz who has been sternly supporting our live tweet coverages these past few days. Thank you also for sharing your photos with me so a lot of other Minoz could get to catch what you've experienced during the show.

It started with cute songs and some small dance numbers. He also shared in the small interview his favorite Line character. He also paid attention to those who are in the patron seats on second and third rows... which he always waved at during the concert. He told us his favorite Filipino dishes and I've been eating them since yesterday LOL. He also gave fans lots of prizes! Best of all, he gave them hugs too! He promised that he'll come back probably to take a vacation and tour around the city. He hopes to see you guys real soon.

For what it's worth, I was so tired but this is Lee Min Ho. I'm sure if you guys were in my position you would do the same. I hope for those who weren't able to go to his concert, this sort of give you a glimpse of what transpired during the show. For those who were in the concert, isn't it just amazing to reminisce? To think about how he made us all happy while he stayed in Manila these past few days. 

Thank you Bench for hooking us up and getting some of my followers tickets to the show.

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Andrea Bacayon Buerano said...

ilove Lee min ho <3

sarangheleeminho said...

Again, you didn't disappoint! <3 I was there and witnessed the "tao" in Lee Min Ho :) He was super shy and giddy and that makes him adorable and stand out above the rest - and of course, HE LOVES THE FILIPINO CROWD! I always say that to foreign friends who are Minoz as well - LMH will NEVER forget us Filipinos because we are an audience that rocks! Kudos and thanks for the wonderful slideshow and review of the concert - I got sick after- sore throat, fever, and NO VOICE ( b/c of too much screaming LOL) but IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! Again thanks!!!!

zaizai salonga said...

three letter lang ulit - OMG!!!!