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Monday, July 08, 2013

The country's best auto trading website and the country's leading retail listing portal has now converged to bring you the best experience possible on Philippine shores as they bring both their services on the table and get you one of the most prolific automobile commerce solutions and synergies ever found in this nation. 

We were welcomed by these lovely ladies from They have been acquired by recently and this is the first time I've heard that an acquisition of another portal has been made locally. That in itself is a feat. 

Pinoy Auto Trader has been able to gain its audience through a simple need. Based in Samar, these entrepreneurs didn't have any place to get their own car when they settled there. This need made them think of this project and got so many establishments work with them in the long run. Now, the website has been able to hold a great amount of Brand New and Used Cars in it's database and has been regarded as the go to place for any meticulous buyer. Their site is very engaging, they give in depth reviews of cars they sell through C Magazine; which is unprecedented in the Philippines. Their services and site features are so good and it holds a lot of promise. This is one of the reasons why has made an effort to do this, and now made it even better. has majority of its traffic already garnered on Autos and they see the need for a more in depth solution so their consumers get the best experience bar none. This launch had one thing amazing announced, which they have been so excited to tell us all. If you place an ad at PinoyAutoTrader, it will now automatically appear in This is a win win situation for the Filipino consumer. Traders will get high visibility in, whilst the buyer will get more than enough information to purchase their cars over at With these two working together to deliver the best features of both their websites, it will surely be something big to get that dream car you always wished for. It surely is exciting news for bachelors like me who would like to get a new one anytime soon.

Best of all, these are all managed by online experts and managers so each deal is as personal as ever. You get to have the best choice and your money's worth. It's something that a lot of Filipinos would surely benefit from. So come on and visit and and get that 4 wheeled dream of yours into reality!

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