Bread Talk and Toast Box Opens At SM Aura Premier!

Friday, July 26, 2013

It's been a while since I've been able to go to SM Aura Premiere. The last time was when I had to cover Sarah Jessica Parker who opened the mall. Since then, there have been more stores and restaurants giving what consumers want from this establishment. Then now comes something even better. I've been to several branches of Bread Talk and Toast Box, I always get my favorites and concentrate on Hot Chix, Floss, French or Kaya Toast if the occasion needs it. But there's definitely more things in these stores that I haven't even tried yet, and as they say in my town... it's time!

It was a momentous occasion and this store definitely had something special. First of all, it's the only one that I've seen that has got 2 brands in one location. There were Executives, VIP guests and celebrities that evening. They have also unveiled the BIGGEST FLOSS I've ever seen! This one had 4ft of awesome goodness which is found in all Pork Floss breads from Bread Talk. 

Then we witnessed the store's blessing. Taguig's very own Mayor Lani Cayetano was there too. I met the Managers and this was one thing I found out about them, they were really eager to ask about how their products fare. I looked around the store to check out what they had to offer, plus we had a glimpse of the new things that were still not released to the public. But before that, here's some of the nicest things I've found in the store. I'll let you see the interiors too!

They've got some of the nicest Sanrio cakes, classic and pretty ones to tickle your fancy. It's available in different sizes too!

I died seeing this on the rack. This is my version of heaven in the store. It's lots and lots of Floss! =) I always buy this by the dozen when I pass by Bread Talk.

Honestly, I always see this particular bread in the shelves but I didn't really get it because I was too afraid it'll be a calorie bomb. So sorry BreadTalk, I WAS SO WRONG. I took a bite of this and immediately changed my mind. It was so light and airy. It had only a hint of cocoa and doesn't overwhelm you with too much chocolate. I misjudged this one all along. So glad I took a bite otherwise I wouldn't be a fan of this. This will now be a regular on my orders from hereon.

While sitting and talking to some of the bloggers who also covered the event, this good looking gentleman named Winward Chu, who's consequently is the managing director of BreadTalk Philippines Inc. approached us and introduced himself. He was so energetic, enthusiastic in talking to us about new things that are coming for the brand. He also talked to us about what's different about Bread Talk compared to others, and of course nothing can match them when it comes to variety. They are turning some healthy stuff too and told us, we're the first to see these new breed of breads they are churning out of the oven.

Sesame Baguette - It's not your ordinary baguette anymore because this one is sprinkled with a good amount of black sesame seeds. It's that crunchy, freshly baked dough but since it's gotten so much of these seeds it becomes MORE nuttier. I would definitely have this over the ordinary one because you'll get more of the fresh baked smell and flavor. A basket or two of these can probably make my Mom happy for those toasted treats she usually makes breakfast, or late afternoon snacks.

Spincheese -  This soft french bun is laced inside with spinach leaves and bits of cheese. They were so open accepted all our thoughts about these breads and all I could say about this one was it was GOOD. I also said that it had to have more of that spinach, maybe make it a filling instead of swirling it together with the bread. It kinda made the leaves dry after baking. 

I was astounded by the way they asked for these criticisms because they use it to make the breads better. Something other brands might find uneasy to accept, but with Bread Talk... they want to hear it straight from the consumers. I love that!

K-POP Chicken (Claypot Chicken) - This was a sure treat. Just imagine your caramel like three cup chicken cooked in Soy Sauce, Rice Wine, Sesame Oil then topped with Basil. The bun itself is infused with unique edible bamboo charcoal not seen in most stored in the Philippines. They say by products of these contain high amounts of calcium, potassium, sodium and iron which would benefit anyone who would consume it. This is so good and I would really have to recommend this be released commercially.

Sweet Potato Pot - The black sesame baguette just made extra special by slitting it in the center and filling it up with steamed sweet potatoes. It's warm and it'll make you fuzzy, something like comfort food. This is also very healthy since it doesn't need too much oil, butter or starch because it's naturally quite filling. Don't hesitate to use a spoon if you want to because they highly recommend it. Will this make the cut? We'll have to wait! =)

Big Apple -  It's tall, full of things you love in a bread and it'll also surprise you with the things in it. Think about apples, cinnamon, raisins and almond slices. Top it off with powdered sugar icing and poof! It's really something you can even substitute energy bars with. It's tasty, filling and full of energy. I hope this one gets sold on the shelves soon!

Ya Ya Egg Tarts - Egg tarts are popular in Macau, but this one has Malay ingredients. This is infused with dessicated coconut and gula melaka. It's a sweet treat and we had it pipiing hot. It's also soft and really good. The crust was also baked to perfection. Although you have to think about a more sturdy bread to hold the custard filling but since they also have it on small cups I think it's all good. Make sure you eat this while its warm, it's a whole lot better I tell you!

French Toast with Blueberry - This is tops. It's wonderful and sweet, I love how they made this specially for me. This one is from Toast Box. It's french toast, smothered with a great amount of blueberry filling and slices of cream cheese split four ways. Meant to be shared but I want it all for myself. I took one and the others took the liberty to pounce on it for me. Hahah ridiculously, this is lovely! 

Mee Rebus - I don't know if I got the name right but this deserves to be here. For vegetarians who want a real deal filling meal, try this on for size. It's like Laksa but it doesn't have that much shrimp which I have an allergy to, but I think the sauce has shrimp paste blended in with other spices. It's curry that's hot, noodles felt more like pasta than egg based. The combination of tofu, veggies, slices of egg was really good together with the comforting curry. I loved every bit of it and we finished this after a few minutes. It's spicy just the way I like it and I'll definitely order this again when I get back to Toast Box soon.

There's also a cupcake shop right beside Bread Talk and Toast Box that gave me one when I was roaming around the lobby. They are also part of the same company that put up these two stores. It's called Carolyn Robb - The Royal Touch. I'll try and visit their shop next time. But really the cupcakes were really good!

And the cupcakes are pretty too!

The Interiors

Bread Talk and Toast Box shared the same space. Toast Box has got ample amount of space and you can use the seating for both. I hope you also check out the mound of butter displayed on Toast Box's counter. It's a tourist spot LOL

They even have their kitchen open to the public. You are sure you're only getting fresh breads all the time.

All the KOPI and breads are made right in front of you in Toast Box. I can even see in this image the mound of butter I was referring to earlier =) Ahhh I want that at home hehe.

Bread Talk has been able to serve the greatest breads in the Philippines since 2004. I'm not surprised why they've become one of the most revered brands when it comes to this. They will open more branches in the Philippines soon to add to their current 400+ stores around the world and 36 in the Philippines. 

This Singaporean lifestyle brand is continuing to evolve and come up with more flavors and variety for the Filipino consumer. I'll be glad to still go to their stores just like I used to in the past. You should drop by this particular one in SM Aura Premier and check out what more things Bread Talk and Toast Box have for you. It's easy, it's in BGC and everybody can point you in the right direction. Have a Floss and Kopi, then remember I made you go there... then thank me later =)

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