The Affordable and Efficient CANON Pixma E610

Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's one of the most ink efficient printers that I've ever seen in the few years that I've been in the IT industry. This would be a perfect thing to have in small office/home office and with it's features, you already have saved a ton since it's a multifunction printer.

It's a Network Printer, Scanner, Fax Machine and Copier all in one. I actually got stumped because when I took out the cartridges to replace it with the new ones, the supposedly empty ones still had some ink on them. This pretty much made me think, did the previous reviewer use it for his photos? Then why did it still have ink on them? The box says it all, this one's Ink Efficient!

I was getting very good quality prints the last time I did it on the MX527 even on fast settings; but this time, I thought about it and see what will happen if I'll take my time and see a more detailed one when printing. Although I've been doing A4's previously, I tried the small ones too. On theory it'll take about 50 seconds. But with the time I measured, it pretty much took less than that. Impressive.

Now watch how I do it while printing out my first photo off the Canon Pixma E610. This is on A4 size so it'll take a couple of minutes.

What's also neat is that this particular print out is part of system called ChromaLife100. If you hate things that would only last you a couple of decades, this one is better. It won't fade, change color or do  anything weird in a hundred years. Theoretical of course, and under perfect conditions.

You can also install the "My Image Garden" software that comes with the printer if you want something fun. You can use it to create collages, frames, your own calendar or even spruce up old photos in one tool. It's simple and you can learn about it in a few minutes, so you don't really have to put so much fuzz about it.

Design wise, I think they wanted a sleek black exterior. This one doesn't have anything hanging out unless you put out the paper tray. Folding it in would just make it fully fit and clean. Black is sexy, more like a car.

And as you've seen on the video, it was easy to change cartridges. My only blunder was the part where I thought the cartridge was supposed to be upright. I should have just slid it in.

The Fax machine in this multifunction printer is quite intelligent too. It'll ask you to input the number twice so you won't be making errors sending the document to the wrong recipient.

Unlike the CANON MX527, the CANON Pixma E610 doesn't have wireless capability but this 458 x 385 x 200mm box can still be your network printer via hi speed USB. You might consider a print server for this that supports bi directional printing. The E610 can print out on A4, LTR, 4 x 6", 5 x 7"and 8 x 10". I did the A4 and it was dreamy, very detailed on its output. 

Scanning on this piece of hardware is pretty good. It served me well because it's smart like the other model. It gets all the details on a single run. Amazing!

Just look at the celebrities that I shot and printed out in a very detailed way. Even the not so sharp ones still felt very nice. I showed it to my folks and they even want their photos taken by me now. Thanks for all the memories, the celebrities and artists that have graced my camera. It was made extra special by immortalizing them on photo paper, printed out in one of the best photo printers in the world. This is CANON Pixma E610. It retails for around Php 5995.00 on stores in the Philippines.

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