SM Ladies Fashion Plus Sized Model Search Year 2 x Jus' Ur Size and Jus' Jeans

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm really no stranger to this. I bet even my sister would qualify for this stint. A few days ago, they just concluded the SM Plus Size Model Search Year 2. They announced the winner already and it's Ms. Barbara Bang. She's the one on the left most part of this photo. She also wins a modeling contract to represent SM's new brands called Jus' Ur Size and Jus' Jeans. It's so nice for SM to hold things like this and take a different look for plus sized individuals who have it, and ultimately flaunt it. Beautiful and proud of their figure, this embodies something that Filipinos should definitely never discriminate against. It's probably one of the reasons why SM did this search and have done it yearly.

Now, they have lots of choices. I understand what women go through because it's actually the same thing for me. Being of foreign descent, I often don't have sizes available in malls because they always carry the normal Asian size. I usually get European and American brands and I sometimes couldn't find one that fit in regular stores. My sister would be happy they have these available:

Jus' Ur Size and Jus' Jeans

Seeing what they have released for these two brands, the variety impressed me. Being plus sized shouldn't mean they do not have to be fashionable. Case in point...

Now they have prints, draperies and lengthy dresses that hugs the right spot and puts emphasis on the female form, the plus sized way. You now have choices, you can express your fashion sense with these pieces... mix and match it with your current ones in the closet without batting an eyelash because your basics are covered, and you have some of the nicest designs available in RTW that's made just for you!

Thank you very much to SM Ladies Fashion for empowering and inspiring plus sized Filipino women all through these years. I wish my sister can join this contest and give these women a run for their money hehe or else, I think the next step is to hold a modeling search for plus sized Men like me haha I just had to say that!

Again, congratulations to the finalists and the grand winner Ms. Barbara Bang for being SM's newest brand ambassador. I hope you let me tag along when you get to Korea which she won in this contest too! :)

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