Jake Cuenca Endorses MY|VIEW and MOVE

Monday, July 01, 2013

Jake Cuenca just passed by a store to pick his Mom a gift. He went in and bought a new TV. This TV had all the things he need like HD Video quality, the ports for his consoles, video streaming machines, plus it doesn't rob him of anything because it's so affordable! The TV in this case was manufactured by a brand called MY|VIEW. They invited him back one day and asked about the purchase he did a couple of months ago, then you know what they did? They got him to be the new face of this brand and also it's mobile division called MOVE. Isn't that just fate happening? =)

The executives were more than glad to actually have Jake Cuenca be part of their family. Since they are young, bold and still trying to penetrate the local market, they see it apt to get a person with the same characteristics as their TV's, Android Mobile Phones and Tablets. Pretty soon they even told us that Jake would eventually be involved in design as his name will also be included in one or more products this coming year. This is the start of something big and to get seen, they have over 100 buses in Metro Manila carrying the brand with Jake Cuenca representing them as MOVE and MY|VIEW taps what it considers the start of something BIG.

I got to see what they have for the MY|VIEW TV's and saw some 32inch LED ones costing onl Php10,995. The 40 inch LED TV on the other hand costs around Php15,995 while the 40inch Smart LED TV costs only Php19,995, mind you these would probably cost hundreds of thousands of pesos if it's from other brands. These quality sets have about the same amount of specs and you don't need to shell out that much for it. They also have other sizes like the 42 inch at 24,995, the 24 inch at 6,995, the 42 inch at 19,995 and the 32 inch at 11,995 pesos. You just have to choose what fits your room and get some of these screens at a fraction of a cost!

Their MOVE Tablets on the other hand range from Php3,995 to Php7,995 which are all Android based. Their PLAY by MOVE gaming console is also a hit with the kids who want to get serious with gaming. These are just a few of their products available at all leading appliance establishments nationwide! It's also seen in Lazada.com.ph if you wish to purchase these online instead!

Congratulations to MY|VIEW and MOVE for this successful partnership with Jake Cuenca. I'm sure your brand will go places! Continue to improve lives of your customers by creating simple, high quality and user friendly products! I'll get one of those LED TV sets soon, can I be your next model perhaps? LOL!


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ZaiZai said...

Wow, those are some nicely priced tvs! Sayang ngayon ko lang nalaman ang MyVIEW, sana naka 42 inches na ako! :)