American Idol XIII on Star World!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Last season, I would have loved to see Jessica Sanchez win American Idol. Even though it didn't happen, she still is tops. I was able to see her a couple of times during her stint with Bench and some other Philippine endorsements. She's rightfully famous... and I'd like to see this happen again. Filipinos are GREAT singers and I've seen Filipino Americans shine in this competition.

Today, they're going all out as the new judge Harry Conick Jr. joins the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez and hunky Aussie Keith Urban completes this season's lineup. They will choose together with the American people who's going to be the new American Idol. Auditions are now done in even more cities and states such as Salt Lake City, Utah; Detroit, Michigan; Atlanta, Georgia, Boston, Massachusetts; Austin, Texas; and Omaha, Nebraska. Hundreds and thousands of hopefuls will line up the streets and fill up stadiums, concert halls and try to get this title. Plus, my favorite portion of the show... the crazy ones will still be there and try their luck too. Who knows? They might get to perform and seen by the whole world too! :)

Don't fret if you don't know where to watch the show because American Idol XIII will be shown on January 16 (6PM via Satellite, then 8PM and 11PM) , that's this Thursday on Star World! It's going to be a regular thing like last year so sit back, relax and let's all join the bandwagon to see who's going to win the 13th season of American Idol!


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