Modern Filipino Comfort Food at Sentro 1771 Fort Bonifacio

Monday, January 06, 2014

One that needs no introduction is this regular runner hangout in Serendra - Fort Bonifacio area is Sentro 1771. Remember my article last year here when I adored their breakfasts? It was mighty clear that I had to go back. It was cool because I got to also see new people and talk about pressing issues in Manila. It was comfort food, chat and a nice afternoon. How can you beat that?

Had one of their best selling drinks. This is the Dalandan Juice. It was just the right thing to have that hot afternoon after I commuted to Ayala. The traffic, long queues and travel time was an issue but when you get this... you'll forget everything. The tangy, sweet concoction was the perfect thing to douse off that heat from outside. A must try!

For appetizers, we got this Macau Chorizo and Cheese Tidbits. Not as porky as it sounds. The spices were more of a deep pepper and paprika-ish flavor. The cheese component brings this to the forefront of kids favorites so order a batch or two if you happen to have small kids with you. They'll love it!

The much talked about Sinigang na Corned Beef takes the stage and gathers some ooohs and ahhhs from the table. I distinctively remember having this a couple of months ago which was awesome, but this batch was a little off - must be something in the broth that I don't know (or the refill that happened above). I still suggest you go for this, don't ever leave that place without experiencing it because as I remembered, this was heavenly. Must take it while its hot!

I don't really eat fish that much but this one's phenomenal. I really like what they did to this "Fish of the day in Pandan". They must be changing white fish on whatever's fresh and available through the fish monger. It was really good. Meaty, flavorful and hit it with a tangy spritz of lemon plus a spicy salty mix of Soy and Chili. Argh, I miss it already!

Vegetarians need not despair as they also have these Camote Cups on the menu. Julienned slices of carrots, camote, string beans and other veggies makes this a hearty treat for those who prefer to cut down on fat. Pretty simple but you must eat this fast right after it comes out of Sentro 1771's ovens since it won't be as good when its cold. They also got herbs on it which mostly is the thing that puts flavor on this thing together with that sauce on the side. Much like a stir fry that is grilled and more hearty. You get me? :)

For someone who loves lamb meat, this is something really cool. This boneless lamb shoulder stewed with carrots, bell peppers and spices on thick tomato sauce is just the right thing to have if you craved for Sentro 1771's Lamb Caldereta. They can have it cooked a little more spicy if you prefer a HOT version of this on piping hot rice. This is our kryptonite.

Want to be more adventurous with rice? Sure! This Seafood Bagoong Rice is the perfect thing to pair with your favorite viands morning, noon and night time. The mix of rice, grilled squid, garlic shrimps and hito flakes then topped with green mangoes just spells home.

Dessert in Sentro 1771 also comes so pretty. This is their Fried Suman and Mangoes. The sticky rice is smothered with caramel syrup and topped with fresh - golden - ripe mangoes. Dreamy in every bite, this is a modern take on the Filipino mangga't suman we enjoy through the years. It's the perfect thing to end a meal.

My favorite among the things that were served that afternoon is this! It's their Keso Flan. It's a baked light no crust cheesecake served with slivers of queso de bola and salted red egg. The contrast of sweet, salty and cheesy just undoubtedly hits the spot. Never miss this one on the menu. You'll regret it.

Fluffy and crispy filo dough surrounded by chocolate and caramel lines plus cream custard and bananas blistered on top... this is their Banana Tart. It's nice and light. I thought it was going to be hard to finish this after those other items above that I ate. Surprisingly, this is so easy. I just blinked and it went poof!

Whatever the occasion, Sentro 1771 always has something new on the menu. The classic Filipino dishes even have a modern twist. Comfort food and the nicest desserts in one place... dine and be with the ones you love this year as they celebrate their 10th year. Honest and good, that's Sentro 1771 for you! 


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