Xian Lim and Kim Chiu Stars in Bride For Rent

Sunday, January 12, 2014

What would you do if you were in their shoes? To make your grandma and family happy, to get the money you think you deserve... do you think it's right to have a "Bride for Rent"?

We got that question answered during the blog conference held at ELJ Building in ABSCBN a few days ago for the film Bride for Rent. It stars hunk Xian Lim and the adorable Kim Chiu in a romantic yet comedic circumstance that would put them and their relationships in a test. Xian Lim plays a guy who gets all that he wants and later on faced with a decision to get married or else he won't get his Grandma's will accomplished and the money that comes with it. Pressed with this situation, he ensues doing an audition for the role of being his wife. This is where Kim's character comes in, where she's not that well off and needed this job... she agrees to Xian's conditions to play as his wife. It's an accident waiting to happen and yes, that's where the fun starts as their Grandma pushes them to marry again... in the church and live together for quite sometime. Will they fall in love later on? Or will this setup prove to be disastrous for both of them? I can't wait to see this on theaters come January 15, 2014!


The day before this event, the statements of Kim Chiu became controversial. They dispelled these rumors and said it wasn't true. Even if it were true, she's really got a point. Some questions were really just becoming too personal. Reality is, it happens in the Philippines. I would dare not go over that because bloggers like me won't ask questions that would be uncomfortable for the artists. Plus, Kim Chiu is really a nice person. Eric John Salut also saw how Xian Lim comforted Kim after all that brouhaha. Kim also laments how grateful she is about the support she got from all her fans the night after. She read all of them and saw how she was defended by the same people who put her there. She said "thank you" for all their help. She knows people would just get over this issue and in fact, the same people denied a walkout happened. Good job on KimXi fans! :)

Both Director Mae Czarina Cruz and the Head Writer say that this movie won't work if the team up of Kim and Xian didn't exist. It was really made and designed for them. They also lauded Xian and Kim's contribution to the film because they did really give their inputs... some scenes on the movie were really made by them. They also said that Kim and Xian really showed comedic timing, which they initially thought that they would only work on drama. It was natural for Kim and Xian was just really dedicated... that's why it worked. Xian even brought his own costume all the way from Antipolo just to make one of the scenes in the movie great for Kim. They hope their hard work really pays off and hope all the fans appreciate the film... which is after all made for them!

So get on your feet and rush to theaters this January 15th! We'll also be seeing some block screenings for fans so ask around if you are one of them! Here's something extra, please watch this video.

Make sure you watch it! :) This is part of Star Cinema's celebration on their 20th year!


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