Converse: Deserving Indie Bands Get Loud!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Who are we to stop creativity? Are we making sure that the artistically forward are recognized in this country? Are we even giving them a voice when its due them? Well it's time we do. That's exactly why CONVERSE encourages us to Get Loud! The need to get noticed, without putting off listeners and get that coveted career on a roll. Converse is here to get these Indie bands some needed push and that's going to happen now.

This is Paranoid City. Their strength lies in using synthesizers for most of their masterpieces. With songs like "Hello Strange", "We Are/HereWe Go" they will let you feel that there's space for Pop Funk and Electro Dance. You'll figure out why their music, coupled with an Ivy League fashion template can bring them to the front of their genres and make a mark in this industry. It's something they wish for, it's something they want to happen soon. Armed with Jack Purcell pieces on their wardrobe, they won't have problems getting noticed.

This one's Stereodeal. Having quirky, intelligent and poetic music isn't just something the band is known for. They are bringing to the table their brand of Alternative Music. A very creative thought process comes into every song they make and influences in everyday situations, even love make up most of their originals. That real vibe and melancholic songs such as "Hypertime" and fast ones like "Relentless" makes them a force to be reckoned with. Together with their tasteful choices in music and a look mostly based on the CONS line, they will surely get to impress even the most discriminating audiences wherever, whenever that may be. 

 With a promising career in sight, awesome clothes, shoes and love for what is innately theirs... Their brand of music and Converse's support, nothing is impossible... They will Get Loud!


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