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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Hey guys! What's up?! How was New Year's Eve? Great!

Well I've been aiming to be more productive this year and trying to pick up a new hobby. I've been in a band during college (hi guys if you're reading this!) and I must say it's not as easy as it looks. All we had was passion and the urge to somehow, somewhere be heard when we play our music and still be together; whilst looking good for the girls. Regrets? I had a few. I never had the chance to actually learn a thing or two about playing a guitar since I'm on keyboards. I'm working on it right now and found free applications in the App Store that can help me do it since my friends are all either married and got kids. We all know how busy that is.

Fun Guitar Facts:

According to CoachGuitar.com, we can't learn fast if we use technical jargon and theory. They suggest a very practical way through visuals so we can do it like the pros. There are tons of music genres that I had to understand and read before doing this. It already gave me a heart attack when I checked out it's history here; and to tell you honestly, it was turning up a little disheartening.

I went ahead and used the application even if I was a little skeptic. Though I know I'd probably regret it if I didn't try. So after downloading it off the App Store, I opened it up and checked how it works.

There were four tabs on the bottom indicating Home, My Lessons, Library and Me. On the front page, it had tons of suggested music to play. It wasn't free so I skipped that. I'm so cheap!

It went through different help options but this one was important. When you are shown some instructions later, you'll have to know what finger to use while pressing on the guitar's fret. We did a few things in college that was quite similar. I used to play just the introduction part of the most popular songs but never finished playing any of them. Hence, the term "Intro Boy". 

After choosing a song on the free ones, it went to this section that had the song divided into parts. Remember those colors we mentioned earlier? This is the part where it'll make sense.

It'll tell you exactly what finger to use and illustrate when to pluck the string.  

Now don't worry too much if the music you're hearing or seeing is too fast. The application has options to either go back to the menu, put it into slow motion or just replay it. I went ahead and used the slow motion feature because I couldn't catch up. Michael Jackson's "Beat It!" is a little complicated. Dividing it into steps made it really easy and as of this writing I can already do the first two parts without help from anybody. From zero to hero. Imagine that!

The other rifts were a little too advanced for me because as you can see, it kind of forced me to use two fingers in a single fret. This is officially a fat finger problem, like when you press buttons on touchscreen.

For those who have experience reading off lyric sheets, you can view it through the TABLATURE mode if you wish to. I stayed watching the videos because I generally find that easy even if I can read notes.

In the end, you'll see how each part of the riff you did earlier will come together. The full video will also show you how easy it is to learn a new song from end to end. Now most of your friends and fans will think that you're a pro!

If you think you've already gotten bored about the free songs that are in your My Lessons tab, don't worry because they've got a whole library of the greatest guitar masterpieces available for purchase. Katy Perry and Bruno Mars did make me skip a heart beat.

If you continue to share and connect with their community through Facebook, you'll get to unlock badges and exclusive content on the application. After all, it's free on the App Store! Who knows? You might get a free song or two right after doing that!


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