The Manfrotto 190 Series and BeFree Philippine Launch

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We've been shooting a lot of things and I know what I need for my camera gear. With long exposures or just plain selfies, a photographer just needs a sturdy, light weight and non complicated tripod. I've seen a ton of these and I guess I've chosen the right ones for me. Though I have always wanted to own one of these Manfrotto's. They've always been the go to brand of the masters and I've seen a lot of them last for years. Say hello to the Manfrotto 190 Series and the Befree Compact Lightweight Tripods.

Vitec Group CEO Marco Pezzana and executives from Italy went all the way to the Philippines to witness and experience this launch. Manfrotto is one of the brands that is made by this conglomerate and some other well identified branded accessories as well. They always want the consumer to experience how it is to have quality, performance and reliability of the equipment they use. Then when we thought the event was over, we suddenly heard screeching sounds at the back and that sharp motor revolutions coming from this!

VROOM VROOM VROOM they proceeded on front with the smell of burnt rubber and carbon monoxide. No people were harmed on this photo LOL!

 Gorgeous ladies clad in their little red dress came and got the packages from these motor monstrosities. Lo and behold the Tripods we were waiting for arrived in style. Those bikes were HOT!

Each awesome Tripod comes with a foreign model (joke!) buy really, if these gals can carry it around without complaining, it's probably too light that these gorgeous ladies can carry this with ease... makes sense right?

Just like Manfrotto, they are dedicated to you and to everything that involves your passion and the way you express them through images. Even a Cebu based expert landscape photographer endorsed it.

When we thought that the evening was not grand enough, they came out with two Maserati's. Yes, you are seeing them in the flesh. 

Then they demo'd the Manfrotto 190 Series and BeFree Tripods. It was light, and the photographer can manipulate it with minimal effort. The tripod even can handle a 360 degree view with it's ball head. A feat not seen in other brands.

Incredibly easy to use and very sturdy, simple tasks for an accessory that photographers look for in a tripod. Both are expertly designed so you get your money's worth. These tripods, though a bit pricey can last you for years... maybe even decades as I've seen in other Manfrotto's. SRP stands at PHP 11,590 for the Manfrotto Befree whilst Manfrotto 190 is at PHP 24,290. This might get even lower prices in some stores who apply discounts.

Columbia Digital by the way is the exclusive distributor of Nikon, Manfrotto, Kata Bags, National Geographic Bags, Gitzo and KIS Photo-Me in the Philippines. Please check their channels below for more information about the tripods and other accessories.


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