Welcome The Year of the Wooden Horse at Sofitel Manila!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sofitel Manila truly is an exquisite destination when you want to celebrate something special. Now more than ever, it's the best place to have your magnifique Chinese New Year Festivities with your loved ones. Add to that the special menu they prepared especially for that day and the existing Spiral buffet that has been unmatched in the Philippines. Who wouldn't feel so good seeing the spread above? Exactly my point. Let's take a peek at what they're offering shall we? :)

It's scrumptious Braised Dried Oyster and Sea Moss in Dried Scallop Sauce. The riches of the sea in one plate usually served to royalty in China can now be part of your dinner table - oh my! It's braised in a special sauce and served soft, sweet and juicy in every bite. Put this over hot white rice and we don't have to force anyone to eat it. Argh lol!

If there's fish, you don't have to meddle with its flavor too much. Just have it steamed, put in the best ingredients and you'll love how it accompanies the sweet fish meat they've prepared to greet the Year of the Wood Horse! This is Traditional Style Steamed Whole Red Snapper. Yum-O!

Plates can't be prettier than this. It's their Braised Sea Cucumber with Minced Chicken Szechuan Style. A little spicy, chewy and savory dish that would be really loved by kids. It's like an Asian meat ball. Loved every bit of it!

Sweet and garlicky, this Steamed King Prawn with Fresh and Fried Garlic just hits the spot. The shrimp just becomes so well flavored like a canvass painted with garlic that you'll love in every piece. This dish was gone in 5 minutes. LOL

Do I really need to convince you that this is good? I know. This is Spiral's Signature Chili Crab. One of Singapore's well loved dishes done by Spiral's chefs; putting their own spin on a traditional dish that's sweet, savory and spicy. How can anyone not love this!

Pretty as a pinwheel, this is Spiral's Steamed Crab Claw and Glass Noodle with Egg White Sauce. Sweet crab meat on crab claws poured with a soup made of egg whites and a few sauteed veggies, it's a festival waiting to happen. Best eaten hot, it's one of the nicest things to have on a New Year's table. Oh so lovely!

Whimsical in colors, this is Spiral's Steamed Snapper Fillet and Home Made Tofu. Light and not so oily, this is something that weight watchers would surely enjoy! Key ingredient: the crunchy asparagus!

This was only served to Emperors once, but it's now available for everyone to enjoy. This is Slow Cooked Baby Abalone in Supreme Oyster Sauce. Soft, with lovely sauce on it... you can put this on rice or just enjoy it as is.

This one is their Braised Pork Knuckle on Iceberg Lettuce and Oyster Sauce. I literally saw a line on the buffet just for this one. I think they wanted it more because of the fact that the meat falls off the bone. It's like an oriental ham and I find it really good.

As for ceremonies....

They'll be setting up some tables with Noodle/Salad Tossing activities such as this one too so if you are after the traditional stuff you see in China and elsewhere in the region, they've got you covered.

A better fortune, better year to enjoy with your loved ones and family. It's time to stick together, see how your luck and fortune double or even triple in 2014 as we usher in the Year of the Wooden Horse. For reservations, call them now at (02) 551 5555 or visit their channels below.


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