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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I was able to follow how our own Filipina bet to Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 bet Stephanie Retuya almost got the title for this show. She was bested in the finals by Thai Jessica Amornkuldilok and we couldn't help think that we almost made it. Being a fan of the show and the original franchise in the US, I think I'd be able to grasp that the only thing that's stopping us from winning this time is just how to take that experience and see something positive about it. We were so ecstatic to know that we've got 2 models who got in the second season - winning over thousands of those who have auditioned for the show. 

Meet our bets Katarina Rodriguez and Jodilly Pendre. First impressions? Well, they're both gorgeous! I also can actually feel what sets them apart. 

If you have seen mestizas in the Philippines, that's probably one of the things she's easily identified with. Katarina Rodriguez also wants to always be serious about studies and joined the show because she always wants to "go for it' and make it a part of who she is this 2014. She was so glad to have heard she won a place, she got this checked in her bucket list. She dreams of making this an easier task to elders. She will try to go international after the show. Extremely busy now but thinks she can do it. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up on beauty ads pretty soon. Key features: Face, thick eyebrows, eyes, more athletic built. She's a real deal runner btw for La Salle! Cons: A bit short, but really her face can make up for that. I'd root for her, for sure!

She's really really edgy, statuesque and modelicious... she's Jodilly Pendre. She literally worked hard for the money as she wanted to finish college. She learned a lot in her journey. She also had a few bashers, but says it will make her famous. She's got a determined soul. She wants to go global to model and be great. She learned to manage her emotions quite better during the show. The journey changed her a lot personally. She wanted to be better and very presentable even if she adores rubber shoes, a shirt and jeans a lot on regular days. Best features: Edgy haircut, Asian eyes, great complexion and SUPER tall. Cons: Speech skills needs a little work on. I wanted her to be more refined but her confidence is tops. She's also got experience since she did stints in UST and other shows via PFW (which I cover shows so I might have shots of her from there). This might get her to win the competition.

For what its worth, we've got a HUGE chance of winning this competition. I find that they are going to be VERY HARD to beat. The other nations might have to send their reps back out of sheer humiliation (jowk!).

Congratulations Jodily and Katarina! I'm sure you'll do the country proud! Who'll win the competition? Watch Asia's Next Top Model as it airs the show on TV5 this January 16 (Thursday) and the consecutive Thursdays thereafter. Host and head judge will be Nadya Htagalung and Joey Mead-King, whilst runway coach Adam Williams and celebrity photographer Mike Rosenthal will be there to make the show extra spicy. I can't wait to see how Jody and Katarina fare in this competition. If they don't win I might have to ask the judges to go back to fashion school LOL of course that's a joke! :)

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