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Thursday, January 30, 2014

We sat down with a couple of people from Skyscanner a few days ago. It was light and we had a few laughs. Well, we had a lot actually. This was like a very casual way of introducing to us Skyscanner. Have you heard of it?

If not, then let me explain how it works in lay mans terms. We travel locally and internationally now. Whenever you go to book a flight, we check each and every airline website in the Philippines and scrummage for the cheapest and most convenient flight. Now that's a little arduous right? 

When you go to, you just put in your flight origin, destination and the date you prefer... then it will get you results of ALL the airlines on its directory and give you results arranged to your preferred filters. I went and searched one for Dublin as I plan to go there late this year. Prices ranged from 53K to 200K. It also indicated the actual airline where the ticket is booked plus the airport stopovers I'd have to take if I bought it. It's like google for trips. Isn't that a life and time saver? Sometimes, it makes no sense why we have to go through all that when we can just do it in one website. Now, its easier, better and more convenient. Skyscanner's Ms. Janet Ranola showed us how the website and system works. Best of all, Skyscanner's free and we don't have to pay them extra premium for their services. Isn't that neat? You can also check what's the best time to purchase tickets because it analyzes data from previous years. Their operations are based in Europe and they've devised a system that's both secure and fool proof so you don't have to worry about anything since booking will be done via the airline's individual websites. Isn't that neat? Now you don't have to scan and write down things because it's all in one website. You can even book hotels and cars if the need arises. Now tell me, how cool is that?! :D

 Skyscanner also announced the Philippine finalists for the Skyscanner Bloscars Travel Awards. They will be judging who comes as the best in the Philippines and battle it out with other bloggers from Asia Pacific. The winner will get to win thousands worth of travel credits with Skyscanner. They will also give away gadgets which includes a DSLR camera I heard. Now that's big. Let's see who will win that coveted prize!  

For what its worth, Skyscanner rocks! Who wouldn't like saving thousands of pesos right? :)

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