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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Been invited a couple of days ago on Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's event "Brew Your Best Year!". True enough, it was something different.. it was something off path. I was hesitating to actually go to this because it was hosted by people who made the Belle de Jour Planner (which I know was only for women right?). I might end up being the only guy there, not good for a good looking introvert LOL. I was surprised though because there were a lot of attendees, too much that I didn't get to do stuff on a table. I think there were around 60+ people if I'm not mistaken.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf wanted us to brew our best year. They invited PJ and Alessandra Lanot of to talk about goal setting and conduct a chalk lettering workshop.

Unfortunately I was a wee bit late and I only got the chance to listen to PJ talk on the last part where he requested to write down goals for 2014. I saw some of my blogger friends write down their goals for 2016 so I frantically had to do that too. Best effort LOL. I guess it boils down to specifics and perspective on what you think is achievable in 2015-2016. My seatmate was telling me I was putting in general things so I did rewrite some of the things I indicated. I don't have to tell you my goals do I? LOL... let's just say it was personal. They also asked everyone to put in their professional goals and some for relationships. It was easy for me but it was a little time pressured because they need to finish the gig in around 2 hours. Time did go by fast. I learned a lot from that.

Of course I didn't go without tasting some of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Brewed Coffee and Sandwiches. I love that pizza thing on top and the brownie looking thing on the right. The coffee was just something I needed since I barely had sleep hehe.

Alessandra made us a bit crafty. I suck at lettering in college so this was a painful reminder of it haha. Well, I think I got the hang of it once she handed the paper about Typography. I guess even if we ran out of ideas, the guide would probably become a safe haven.

Then we went ahead and became a little competitive. We wrote down our goals on boards and doodled a bunch of things we'll regret later haha. Nah, but really some of the others were really good at it. I think one of the guys who won did this for a living LOL.

It was so fast and I had to finish something, so can you guess where my work is? =))

Overall I had fun. Activities like these enrich the mind and gives a lot of perspective in social behavior, mindset and keeping it real. Your realistic goals are achievable; and it only takes a few letters to create something out of nothing happen. It reminds you of what you can do and a journal pretty much is a nifty tool to have these days. Sometimes you just want to feel paper. Write on it. Things like that make you happy.

Kudos to the team that made this happen. Good news is, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf will make this activity happen every month from here on. For more information on how to join, please check out their channels below. :) This is your year, claim it!


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