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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Admitting I am not flawless probably won't surprise you. Yes, just like some people you know I do have my scars. Scars are marks, they can disappear... and some stay quite permanently. We didn't have science help that much years ago and everything was mumbo jumbo. We had one solution later on but surgery costs thousands of dollars. Then we met Contractubex, I didn't know some scars could have been healed faster and completely disappear by using this.

Meet Ms. Cheska Garcia - Kramer and her daughter Claire Kendra Kramer. They are both gorgeous and Mom Cheska always made it a point to take care of her kids skin. With the kids active life, she can't always look after them when they are out at play or when she's at work. They told us a story when Kendra scratched her knee during play and got it healed first. After that, they applied Contractubex on the area and it's almost invisible now. So did Cheska when she got scars from having Cesarian operations giving birth to her cute kids. The little man was there too, he was too cute I tell you!

 Cheska says they've been using the brand even before they got the endorsement. It was quite nice to see that fate probably has something to do with this event. Their family is so tight, they always wanted the best for their kids and taking care of them with the best way possible is how they want it to be. A little research shows that Contractubex is effective for abrasions, cuts, lacerations, operations, burns/scalds, laser treatments and even those affected by tattoo removal. It is mostly recommended for scars that are mostly on top of the dermis and not concave looking ones according to the rep from Contractubex.

Now, it's time to move on with your life and LIVE IT! The scars can only tell a story, now there's a solution to even rid of it and make your skin back to flawless state. Who wouldn't want that right? Your loved ones deserve to have the best. Living it without haste, without being too shy about your skin is something everyone want and need. It's easy getting this tube and putting it on your scar, but the happiness that you'll get is insurmountable. If you have scars now, you know what to do.

Grab a tube, it's worth it. I'm already applying it to two scars and I'm seeing and feeling its effects. You don't have to suffer, check the channels below and see how it will make your life different. Definitely better!


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