Higher Love: Angeline Quinto!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

 I've met a LOT of celebrities and I'm so blessed to get to know them more than the usual thing that's written in newspapers. When I get to talk to them, you kind of see a glimpse of what they are off camera... when they are off the lime light and are just in plain clothes. You get to experience how good or bad they are in real life. In the few encounters I've had with this young lady, I must say she's definitely real. She's been very giving to her loved ones. I guess with this new album, you get to see what she wants to have now... a HIGHER LOVE. We can't keep her from having that right?

Angeline Quinto suddenly bursted into a song. This is her way of saying "Hi!" to everyone as she got all of us in a state of trance... and mind you I only like a few singers... and she's one of them bar none.

And you know what I most like about her? She's VERY frank when you ask her questions. She doesn't hold back and only says what's on her mind most of the time. She won't bat an eyelash telling you what's being made on her by the Belo Group. She admits having her eyes done recently because people were telling her she looks sad when she's not. I even see it quite better on her. She's right on that decision and I don't think there's anything wrong with enhancements. I also love the way she said it to the press. She's very respectful too of the elders covering her album's launch.

She also says that she wants to love. You will see how much she's given to this album because if you see the lineup of songs, she says it's her actual love life they're talking about. She had hints who she wanted to love. You put two and two together and you'll know who it is. It's cute to see her bringing some personal things on the table... and she wants you to feel that too.

 She's also proud about this project because she gets to work with one of the country's best lyricists and composer. They were giddy that they only did a few English songs and covers. There's also news that there are plans to do a more daring album soon. Would you dance with her when the time comes? We'll see. In the meantime, you should go to your favorite record bars and grab Angeline Quinto's HIGHER LOVE album. It's out on stores now!


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